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Ausroad pioneers world-first radio-control Contour Loader

Challenge: A large mining client had been conducting a company-wide safety risk assessment. The results highlighted the inordinate risk of stemming holes on contoured, or hilly, terrain. Drill and blasting on contoured terrain is a necessary part of the site development process to level it for production. The client asked Ausroad to develop a machine to improve the safety of this high-risk task that had often involved the use of front-end loaders over unstable ground and even the manual use of shovels and buckets.

Solution: In collaboration with the client, Ausroad innovated a world-first radio-control, purpose-built, track-based, “Stemming Contour Loader”. The rubber track-based unit allows for maximum stability and all-terrain agility, while the radio-control allows the operator to keep at a safe distance.

Result: Not only has this world-first, Australian innovation immensely improved the operator’s safety, it has also increased the operator’s job satisfaction, with Ausroad’s radio-control Stemming Contour Loader being described as a “serious toy for serious work”. On top of this, the overall efficiency has significantly increased with production rates also becoming more predictable as a result from fewer stoppages.


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Ausroad offers a better stemming solution
Challenge: A large mining and resources company was seeking to improve efficiency and safety by reducing manual handling during their stemming process. Their system involved much room for error. The previously used front-end loaders required multiple trips back and forth to stem holes. With explosives already loaded in holes awaiting stemming, and denotation cords extending from the collar of those holes, the excessive vehicle movements were increasing the risk of dangerous and expensive misfires. They needed a better way to get the job done. READ THE SOLUTION >

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