At Ausroad we build tough trucks using Aussie solar power

At Ausroad we are pleased to announce that we now use green solar power to build all of our truck bodies. This means that from now on, all of our road maintenance trucks, stemming trucks and water trucks will be manufactured using our 30kw solar system with 140 solar panels on our workshop roof.

We can now run all of the power to our workshop and offices (including the air-conditioning) using solar power. We’re utilising state of the art software that allows us to check on the status of the power production and usage throughout the day.

The road to installing solar power

As far as we know, Ausroad is the only road maintenance , stemming truck and water truck manufacturer in Australia who can now claim that almost all of the energy used in their workshop operations comes from solar power.

This makes Ausroad a very eco-friendly company and we are proud of our accomplishment. It took us about six months from applying to Energex for approval of the system, through various quotes from suppliers, to selecting the suppliers and then onto the installation of the solar panels.

We calculate that within two-and-a-half to three years, this system will have paid for itself, which is a very short payback on such a large solar panel system. You will be pleased to know that so far, we are generating more electricity than we use every day, so we are producing well over 100% of our own power usage – it is great seeing our power meters running backwards!

What solar panel system did we install?

Green Solar ( in Brisbane installed the system using JinkoSolar panels and SMA inverters.

JinkoSolar panels

After significant research, we selected JinkoSolar, who are a global company with a corporate office here in Brisbane. They supply solar panels to both residential and commercial companies around the world and have a proven reputation for high quality products and services.

They offered us one of the best warranties on the market, which is backed by PowerGuard insurance, ensuring we can make warranty claims at any time for repairs and replacement parts.

SMA Inverters

As well as the solar panels from JinkoSolar we have two inverters – a 5kw and a 25kw inverter (SMA STP 5000TL and a SMA STP 25000TL) which are the best inverters you can buy. SMA are considered to be leaders in the global solar PV industry and their SMA STP 25000TL inverter is one of the most commonly used inverters for commercial enterprises.

So once again, we are happy to launch our 140 solar panels and you can rest assured that all of the vehicles will now be manufactured at Ausroad using good old Aussie sunshine.