Aussie trailblazer: Ausroad pioneers world-first radio-control Contour Loader



A large mining client had been conducting a company-wide safety risk assessment. The results highlighted the inordinate risk of stemming holes on contoured, or hilly, terrain. Drill and blasting on contoured terrain is a necessary part of the site development process to level it for production. The client asked Ausroad to develop a machine to improve the safety of this high-risk task that had often involved the use of front-end loaders over unstable ground and even the manual use of shovels and buckets.


In collaboration with the client, Ausroad innovated a world-first radio-control, purpose-built, track-based, “Stemming Contour Loader”. The rubber track-based unit allows for maximum stability and all-terrain agility, while the radio-control allows the operator to keep at a safe distance.


Not only has this world-first, Australian innovation immensely improved the operator’s safety, it has also increased the operator’s job satisfaction, with Ausroad’s radio-control Stemming Contour Loader being described as a “serious toy for serious work”. On top of this, the overall efficiency has significantly increased with production rates also becoming more predictable as a result from fewer stoppages.