New AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Units Thursday 26th April, 2018 New 6m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Units ready to leave AUSROAD SYSTEMS Workshop in Brisbane for Muswellbrook Shire Council, Muswellbrook, NSW and RMS (Roads & Maritime Services), Broken Hill NSW. Each truck has been customised to suit Customers specific requirements, two days training for operators will take place on site for each truck. READ MORE >

Which is More Profitable – Hiring or Buying Mining Equipment in Australia? Thursday 21st July, 2016 A few years ago, the answer to whether buying or hiring mining equipment in Australia might well have been to buy, because the mining industry was booming and capital was flowing. Now however, the decision is not so clear cut and many companies find that hiring is a better option for them than buying. Let’s take ... READ MORE >

Is a Stemming Truck The Most Efficient Way to Fill Blast Holes? Thursday 21st July, 2016 A stemming truck is used to backfill blast holes on mine sites and is a procedure that focuses the blast downwards and contains and minimizes the effect of the blast above ground. Without at least one stemming truck on-site, backfilling blast holes must be performed by manual labour and is a very time consuming, back-breaking ... READ MORE >

What Are the 3 Most Reliable Road Maintenance Machines You Can Hire in Australia? Tuesday 28th June, 2016 At Ausroad, we design and manufacture three of the best-selling road maintenance machines in Australia. It is no secret that our HD trucks, Jetmaster trucks and our emulsion spray units are known throughout the world for being tough, top of the line trucks, able to function in the worst of environments. All of our trucks are ... READ MORE >

8 Reasons to Hire Ausroad Road Maintenance Trucks for Your Business Tuesday 28th June, 2016 At Ausroad, we sell and hire out our Jetmaster trucks, HD trucks and emulsion spray units to private companies who have usually won contracts for road maintenance or even to local councils themselves. If you are a business owner or manager in the industry, you are well aware that whenever a company requires road maintenance ... READ MORE >

The Importance of Road Maintenance Services to the Local Community Saturday 21st May, 2016 Road maintenance services make a crucial contribution to the economic growth and development of a region, as well as providing important social benefits. A reliable and well maintained road system offers access to businesses, health, employment and education, all of which stimulate the economy and social development in an area. Despite the initial investment in roads, ... READ MORE >

Locating Tough and Reliable Mining Equipment in Australia Saturday 21st May, 2016 Locating the best mining equipment in Australia is vital to the ongoing success of your business. No-one wants to invest their capital in equipment that constantly breaks down, which frequently happens when equipment is not designed for the harsh conditions prevalent in the Australian outback. At Ausroad, we are known throughout the world for designing and ... READ MORE >

5 Reasons Why Australian Mining Companies use Ausroad Trucks Friday 22nd April, 2016 Without a doubt, when Australian mining companies need tough trucks for their open pit mines, the first place they call is Ausroad. Their trucks are extremely popular, because they are built to withstand the harsh outback climate, are solidly built, require little maintenance, hardly ever break down and can be completely customised to your needs. Let’s ... READ MORE >

Where Can You Find the Best Custom Mining Trucks in Australia? Friday 22nd April, 2016 If you are in the market for custom mining trucks, then it is important to select a company with a solid reputation.  It is also best to deal directly with a company that actually designs and manufactures the trucks, rather than going through a reseller. Ausroad have a global reputation for designing and manufacturing a range ... READ MORE >

5 Key Features of Ausroad’s Stemming Mining Trucks Wednesday 23rd March, 2016 Ausroad are one of the leading designers and manufacturers of stemming mining trucks in Australia. Their reputation for high quality, low maintenance and extremely safe equipment is flawless. Their trucks are designed to work in the hard tough conditions of Australia’s outback and have become very popular throughout the world where tough trucks are needed ... READ MORE >

3 Things to Look For When Buying Road Maintenance Machines Wednesday 23rd March, 2016 When you are considering using some of your hard earned capitol and purchasing road maintenance machines, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right company. You want to look for a manufacturer, rather than a reseller and you also want the company to have a well-regarded reputation in the industry. Other ... READ MORE >

What Specifications Should I look for in a New Stemming Truck? Friday 19th February, 2016 Ausroad are the leading manufacturers of mining equipment in Australia and we have a large range of mining equipment for hire. We build our trucks tough, so they are low maintenance and can withstand the harsh Australian outback. Our most popular hires have to be our top of the line stemming trucks, so let’s take a ... READ MORE >

Looking for an Emulsion Sprayer for Sale? Check Out The Advantages of a Trailer vs a Skid Mounted Emulsion Sprayer Friday 19th February, 2016 When you are looking for an emulsion sprayer for sale, you need to know whether you want a trailer or a skid mounted unit. Ausroad are the leading manufacturers of emulsion sprayers, so if your business is ready to look for an emulsion sprayer for sale in Australia, let’s take a look at the advantages ... READ MORE >

Should I Buy or Hire Mining Equipment in Australia? Monday 18th January, 2016 If you are in the market for mining equipment in Australia, you need to decide whether to hire or buy the equipment for your mining plant. This is a big decision and making the wrong decision at this point can have ongoing repercussions. So let’s look at the pros and cons of buying mining equipment ... READ MORE >

Do Mining Maintenance Contractors Hire or Buy Their Equipment? Monday 18th January, 2016 Mining equipment hire is a hot topic right now, because of the continued downturn in the resources market. With the price of iron ore continuing to plummet, mining maintenance contractors are trying to squeeze every dollar out of their business. So you can see why many people might think that hiring equipment is a much ... READ MORE >

Top 3 Road Maintenance Machines in the World Tuesday 22nd December, 2015 Without a doubt, Australian road maintenance covers some of the most rugged country in the world, so we need trucks that are tough and can stand the rigors of the outback. This is where Ausroad comes to the fore, because their road maintenance equipment is designed and built for the harsh Australian outback, so it can ... READ MORE >

Ausroad Helps to Build Safer Roads Tuesday 22nd December, 2015 Ausroad builds tough, specialist road maintenance trucks designed specifically to work in harsh environments, to be low maintenance and to exceed Australian Standards. Providing road maintenance solutions is vital to your business, so you need the best people on your team to drive your business forward. Without a doubt, if your business has been contracted to ... READ MORE >

Who are the Top Mining Maintenance Contractors in Australia? Friday 20th November, 2015 When you are looking for mining maintenance contractors in Australia, you can’t go wrong with Ausroad. These guys design and manufacture a range of trucks and loaders which are top quality, efficient and tough. Their trucks are designed specifically for the rough conditions involved in road maintenance in Australia, as well as on open cut ... READ MORE >

3 Reasons to Hire Water Trucks, HD Trucks and Stemming Trucks Friday 20th November, 2015 When you are in the market for stemming trucks, water trucks or HD trucks you are always faced with the decision whether to buy them or hire them. So let’s look at the reasons why hiring these trucks is a good financial decision in the current market. Hiring trucks doesn’t tie up your capital Trucks cost a ... READ MORE >

How To Get The Latest Equipment For Your Road Maintenance Company Friday 23rd October, 2015 Mining maintenance contractors need to stay on top of their game or else they could lose their valuable contracts to the competition. One of the easiest ways to stay at the top is to make sure that you always use the most reliable and the latest high-tech equipment that is available for road maintenance in ... READ MORE >

New WaterCart delivered to Major Central Queensland Coal Mine Wednesday 14th October, 2015 A new 15,000L Mack WaterCart was delivered to a Major Central Queensland Coal Mine and is our second WaterCart to be installed on this site. This Truck takes our Hire Fleet to a total of 19 vehicles all of which are hard at work in the Australian Open Cut mining sector. READ MORE >

New Stemming Hire Truck delivered to a major Hunter Valley Coal mine Wednesday 14th October, 2015 A major Hunter Valley Coal operation has recently selected and taken delivery of a new 13m3 Ausroad Stemming Truck following an extensive cost benefit analysis of their stemming process. This Truck incorporates the latest stemming technology from Ausroad with the largest capacity Stemming Truck in Australia. READ MORE >

New Stemming Hire Truck delivered to Major Central Queensland Coal Mine Wednesday 14th October, 2015 We have delivered a new stemming truck to a coal mine in central Queensland. The stemming truck on hire is a 13m3 Ausroad Stemming Truck (APS11) on a Scania G400 8×4 cab chassis. This Truck incorporates the latest stemming technology from Ausroad with the largest capacity Stemming Truck in Australia. READ MORE >

Ausroad Makes Tough, Purpose Built Road Maintenance and Mining Plant Equipment Monday 21st September, 2015 Ausroad is one of the leading manufacturers of mining and road maintenance equipment in Australia. Their purpose-built stemming trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia and they are well known for maximising the efficiency and safety of stemming operations on-site. Not only that, but if you are looking for an emulsion sprayer for sale, then ... READ MORE >

Can I Hire Tools for Stemming Blast Holes? Monday 21st September, 2015 Ausroad has two stemming trucks available for hire – one is the normal truck you are most probably used to seeing and the other is a new design, which is an Australian innovation and isn’t found anywhere else in the world. Let’s take a look at both of these stemming trucks: The normal type of stemming ... READ MORE >

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