The AUSROAD® Stemming Contour Loader is the first vehicle of its kind in the world. It’s a purpose-built, radio-control, track-based, vehicle that has made stemming across hilly and contoured surfaces more safely, efficiently and accurately. The rubber, track-based unit allows for maximum stability and all-terrain agility, while the radio-control allows the operator to keep at a safe distance.

This Australian innovation has also increased operator’s job satisfaction, with AUSROAD®’s radio-control Stemming Contour Loader being described as a “serious toy for serious work”. On top of this, the overall efficiency has significantly increased with production rates more predictable and efficient as a result of fewer stoppages.

  • Allows for remote controlled stemming on steep terrain where trucks and loader are unsafe to operate
  • Safer than old method, as vehicle is controlled via remote at safe distance
  • Operator’s job satisfaction has increased as clients have reported that they actually enjoy operating the loader
  • Overall efficiency has improved
  • Production rates are more predictable as there are fewer stoppages