Emulsion Units

Emulsion Units
Trailer Mounted Emulsion Sprayer
  • 565 - 2,000-litre capacity Class 2B emulsion pressure vessel with pressure relief valve and inspection points as per AS1210
  • Emulsion Dipstick provided
  • Petrol engine powered by a three cylinder cast-iron air compressor
  • 40-litre air receiver with pneumatic pressure switch to idle compressor motor
  • 40-litre kerosene tank for flushing line
  • Steel emulsion hose reel and 10m steel braided hose wand
  • Lockable tool box
  • Spray bar (2.4m/eight nozzle remote activation).
Trailer fitting

The Emulsion Systems are fitted to new 2 - 3 tonne Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) steel tandem axle trailer complete with:

  • Trailer suspension kit to suit tank volume
  • Supplied with spare wheel. The wheel brace is mounted on the trailer with the jockey wheel assembly and the spare tyre is mounted on drawbar
  • 205R16 eight ply tyres
  • LED side & tail lights
  • Hitch for 50mm ball, metal seven-pin round large trailer plug (or as required by client)
  • Emergency break away chains
  • Swing away removable landing leg.

The trailer is fully powder-coated in colour as required. The powder-coating provides a more durable finish than paint. This enables the unit to look clean and well presented for years to come.

  • Sand blasted to class 2.5
  • Under-coated zinc, powder primer ‘Corro Zinc’ (epoxy)
  • Top-coat ‘white’ powder-coated, (polyester powder).
Skid Mounted Emulsion Sprayer
  • Skid mounted and able to be lifted with forklift from three sides
  • Emulsion pressure vessel built to Australian Standard 1210 Transportable Pressure Vessel
  • 40-litre kerosene tank (pressurised) for flushing lines
  • Two-cylinder cast iron compressor with petrol engine
  • 14-CFM compressor with pull-start petrol motor
  • 40-litre air receiver
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Steel retractable hose reel with 10m 5/8 emulsion hose
  • Emulsion wand with spray nozzle
  • Kerosene flush/air purge capability
  • Individual pressurise/vent of pressure tanks
  • Power-coated frame
Emulsion Spray unit with mini spray pack

This is the simplest unit we manufacture. We use the existing emulsion drum, which saves costs, as no emulsion tank is required. You will also be able to connect directly to a 1,000-litre plastic pod if required.

Unit includes:
  • Powder-coated base assembly
  • “Robin” petrol driven motor and pump
  • 40-litre kerosene/diesel tank to allow flushing of pump and lines when unit is to be stored
  • Steel retractable hose reel with 12 m 5/8th hose
  • 2-metre hand wand for emulsion spraying
  • Drum spear and hoses required.

*Drums/pods of emulsion supplied by customer.



Ausroad offers our Emulsion Systems as self-contained units that can be custom-built to your specifications. The Emulsion Spray Unit comes with various outlets including a spray wand and spray bar and a crack-filling device. Used for general road maintenance work, the units can be either skid or trailer-mounted. They offer various applications, including emergency repairs.


white_check Built to your requirements
white_check Low maintenance unit
white_check Easy to operate controls.


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