Stemming Trucks

Ausroad stemming trucks in action
  • IFM Canbus control system (giving operator full in-cab control of all functions)
  • 6m3 to 16m3 bodies (10 to 26 tonne payloads)
  • Side conveyor (2.4m or 3m)
  • Side conveyor (front of hopper) extension to left or right
  • In-cab joystick operation of belt feed, side shift, dust suppression, delivery volume and rear conveyor
  • Variable displacement type hydraulic pump
  • All hydraulic pumps, valving, hosing tested and certified compliant with MDG41
  • Machine designed and built to comply with MDG15
  • Hydraulic oil cooler (temp switch controlled)
  • 1,000-3,400 litre water tank
  • Large lockers mounted over rear wheels (gas strut lids, lockable)
  • Dust suppression system, (29l/min @ 80psi)
  • Water hose reel for wash down etc (steel)
  • LED tail lights (duplicated high mount and low mount)
  • Floodlights for night time operation
  • LED beacons as required
  • Fire extinguishers as required
  • Emergency stop buttons both sides of body or as required
  • “CAT” jump start connection
  • Wheel chocks
  • Hopper hatch (hydraulic operation) for debris removal
  • Suitable cab chassis’ 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8.
Ausroad stemming trucks in action
Ausroad stemming trucks in action
Ausroad stemming trucks in action


Ausroad® Stemming Trucks allow blast holes to be back-filled or “stemmed” quickly and efficiently. The machines have revolutionised the stemming process within open cut mines, resulting in improved safety and significant savings in materials, time and labour. AUSROAD Stemming Trucks™ have the largest payload capacity in Australia. Our industry leading design means faster hole filling with one truck easily able to deliver 26-tonnes of stemming within 15 minutes. The process is fully controlled from the driver's seat via a joystick, enhancing safety. Proportional hydraulic control allows accurate control and placement of stemming material, which reduces wastage and maximises efficiency.


white_check Extremely reliable resulting in minimal downtime due to maintenance/mechanical failure
white_check Faster, more accurate, more economical and safer stemming
white_check Fewer unpredicted vehicle movements on site, which improves efficiency and SAFETY
white_check Less dust and heat exposure for ground staff
white_check No double-handling of stemming.


More than twice the speed: Ausroad offers a better stemming solution
Challenge: A large mining and resources company was seeking to improve efficiency and safety by reducing manual handling during their stemming process. Their system involved much room for error. The previously used front-end loaders required multiple trips back and forth to stem holes. With explosives already loaded in holes awaiting stemming, and denotation cords extending from the collar of those holes, the excessive vehicle movements were increasing the risk of dangerous and expensive misfires. They needed a better way to get the job done.
Ausroad stemming trucks in action

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