Ausroad® Stemming Trucks allow blast holes to be back-filled or “stemmed” quickly and efficiently. The machines have revolutionised the stemming process within open cut mines, resulting in improved safety and significant savings in materials, time and labour.

AUSROAD Stemming Trucks™ have the largest payload capacity in Australia. Our industry leading design means faster hole filling with one truck easily able to deliver 26-tonnes of stemming within 15 minutes. The process is fully controlled from the driver’s seat via a joystick, enhancing safety. Proportional hydraulic control allows accurate control and placement of stemming material, which reduces wastage and maximises efficiency.

  • Extremely reliable resulting in minimal downtime due to maintenance/mechanical failure
  • Faster, more accurate, more economical and safer stemming
  • Fewer unpredicted vehicle movements on site, which improves efficiency and SAFETY
  • Less dust and heat exposure for ground staff
  • No double-handling of stemming.