AUSROAD™ has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built, specialist equipment for private and government sectors since 1990.

We design, manufacture and deliver road maintenance trucks and stemming trucks to the required specifications of our clients.

Production of AUSROAD® Road Maintenance Trucks and Stemming Trucks™ requires our team’s specialised and expert knowledge. All our innovation and product development is done here in Australia, from where we lead the way globally.

Our business focus

Road Maintenance Trucks

Jetmaster Trucks, HD Trucks, Emulsion Units, Water Trucks, Hiring, Contracting

Mining Plant Trucks

Stemming Trucks®, Contour Loaders, Water Trucks, Hiring, Contracting

In both these business divisions, we are committed to providing excellent product and service quality, offering either purchase or wet/dry hiring options.

Our promise

  • Supply well designed and manufactured equipment that meets or exceeds Australian compliance standards

  • Support our products with personalised service. If you call, you will speak with a knowledgeable staff member, if not immediately, then within the day

  • When issues arise, we will address them as a priority. We see your organisation’s success as an extension of our own

  • Apply advanced engineering design and manufacturing

  • Continually promote innovative research and development

Toni Dunlop

Managing Director

Stefan Dunlop


Alison Sobek

Arul Ratnam

Arul Ratnam

Warehouse Supervisor

Andrew Johnson

Electrical Leader

Clint Keble


Cheryl Faccio

HR Manager

Darryl Hunter

National Hire Manager - Road Maintenance

Graeme Kaese

Production Manager
Jacques Smit

Jacques Smit

CAD Design Draft

Joe McNamara

Customer Service

Kristie King

Operator Coordinator

Louise Sobek

Assistant Accountant

Matthew Sims

National Sales Manager

Melissa Ayling

HR Manager
Norman de Wet

Norman de Wet

Production Manager

Owen Nutt

Preassembly Leader

Raimond Beaumont

Production Planner

Robert Miller

Workshop Supervisor

Shan Rajah

Spare Parts

Shari Dunlop

Director / Marketing

Steven Edwards

CAD Design Draft

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