Ausroad® manufactures a range of Stemming Trucks that improve the safety and efficiency of the stemming process while reducing costs across a range of situations. Much of our Research and Development for our machines has been done in collaboration with major mining and resources companies to ensure they’re tailor-made for Australian conditions. Our machines range in size from 1.5m3 remote control Contour Loaders to up to 16.5m3 Heavy Stemming Units.

Ausroad® Stemming Trucks have the largest range of payload capacities worldwide and our industry-leading design means faster hole-filling and less downtime for mechanical failure. We’ve partnered with major truck manufacturers to integrate our machines with off-road truck chassis to create a seamless operation. With manufacturing based in Brisbane, Queensland and representation in Perth, Western Australia, Ausroad® has the scale and experience to deliver reliable contracting services, backup service, parts and training. Because we build and design our own product, we can quote a delivery date with confidence.

Thanks to Ausroad® Stemming Trucks, a single operator can automate the process of delivering stemming material to the blast hole at the top of an explosive charge, with precision. In effect, we’ve successfully “industrialised” the stemming process by making it less manual.

  • Fewer unpredicted vehicle movements onsite
  • Fewer staff walking the site
  • Less dust and heat exposure for ground staff
  • Reduced wastage due to greater accuracy in material delivery
  • One truck can keep up with a surprisingly large amount of work
  • Increased productivity because they’re faster and more efficient