Road Maintenance Plant


We have been providing Road Maintenance solutions to government organisations and private contractors since 1990.
Between 70-80 per cent of local councils prefer AUSROAD® Road Maintenance Trucks. We are an official Preferred Supplier to Local Buy (Contract BUS 212-0511 Road & Bridge Making Equipment), Local Government Procurement (Contract: LGP707-3 Heavy Plant & Equipment) and WALGA (Contract: C023/11 Plant & Equipment).
Ausroad® is committed to providing reliable, robust and high quality road maintenance machines.
We develop and apply new technology right here in Australia to ensure we provide the world’s safest and most efficient road maintenance machines. New and existing customers benefit from our dedicated and experienced team.
Our quality control meets the highest standards based on ISO AS/NZS 9002.


white_checkAusroad’s superior Road Maintenance Machines achieve higher quality, more permanent road repairs
white_checkOur vehicles utilise relatively low cost  materials Australian designed and built to strict compliance standards

white_checkOur vehicles are highly versatile and can be customised to suit specific requirements
white_checkSafer because the operation is conducted from inside the cab rather than on the road.

white_checkOverall, road maintenance costs are reduced through increased productivity and reduced labour needs

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