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Clint Keble, Our CFO

At Ausroad we strive to employ highly talented team members…
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Tyre Lifter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d35_wJs4-fo A world exclusive,…

AUSROAD’s “Two in One”

Leading mining vehicle manufacturer continues to lead the stemming…
Stemming Rig

Stemming Truck Success

Ausroad Stemming Trucks are designed to achieve consistent stemming…

Australia’s Number One Stemming Truck Hire fleet

With 29 years of materials handling experience, Ausroad is the…

Ausroad Contour Loaders – A serious toy for serious work

Ausroad Stemming Contour Loaders are the number one choice for…

Is a Stemming Truck The Most Efficient Way to Fill Blast Holes?

A stemming truck is used to backfill blast holes on mine sites…
Jetmaster Truck

8 Reasons to Hire Ausroad Road Maintenance Trucks for Your Business

At Ausroad, we sell and hire out our Jetmaster trucks, HD trucks…
Jetmaster Truck

The Importance of Road Maintenance Services to the Local Community

Road maintenance services make a crucial contribution to the…

Locating Tough and Reliable Mining Equipment in Australia

Locating the best mining equipment in Australia is vital to the…
Scania-G400 Stemming Rig

5 Reasons Why Australian Mining Companies use Ausroad Trucks

Without a doubt, when Australian mining companies need tough…
Scania-G400 Stemming Rig

Where Can You Find the Best Custom Mining Trucks in Australia?

If you are in the market for custom mining trucks, then it is…

5 Key Features of Ausroad’s Stemming Mining Trucks

Ausroad are one of the leading designers and manufacturers of…
HD Truck

3 Things to Look For When Buying Road Maintenance Machines

When you are considering using some of your hard earned capitol…

What Specifications Should I look for in a new Stemming Truck?

Ausroad are the leading manufacturers of mining equipment in…
Emulsion Trailer

Looking for an Emulsion Sprayer for Sale? Check Out The Advantages of a Trailer vs a Skid Mounted Emulsion Sprayer

When you are looking for an emulsion sprayer for sale, you need…
Scania-G400 Stemming Rig

Should I Buy or Hire Mining Equipment in Australia?

If you're in the market for mining equipment in Australia, you…

Top 3 Road Maintenance Machines in the World

Without a doubt, Australian road maintenance covers some of the…
Jetmaster Truck

Ausroad Helps to Build Safer Roads

Ausroad builds tough, specialist road maintenance trucks designed…
Jetmaster Water Truck

Who are the Top Mining Maintenance Contractors in Australia?

When you are looking for mining maintenance contractors in Australia,…
Scania Water Truck

3 Reasons to Hire Water Trucks, HD Trucks and Stemming Trucks

When you are in the market for stemming trucks, water trucks…
Jetmaster Truck

How To Get The Latest Equipment For Your Road Maintenance Company

Mining maintenance contractors need to stay on top of their game…
Scania - 14 - 0527

Ausroad Makes Tough, Purpose Built Road Maintenance and Mining Plant Equipment

Ausroad is one of the leading manufacturers of mining and road…

Can I Hire Tools for Stemming Blast Holes?

Ausroad has two stemming trucks available for hire – one is…
Ausroad Stemming Truck

More than twice the speed: Ausroad offers a better stemming solution


Ausroad offers a better stemming solution
Challenge: A large mining and resources company was seeking to improve efficiency and safety by reducing manual handling during their stemming process. Their system involved much room for error. The previously used front-end loaders required multiple trips back and forth to stem holes. With explosives already loaded in holes awaiting stemming, and denotation cords extending from the collar of those holes, the excessive vehicle movements were increasing the risk of dangerous and expensive misfires. They needed a better way to get the job done.
Redland HD Unit

On the road again: Ausroad upgrades council’s ageing fleet


Ausroad upgrades council’s ageing fleet
Challenge: A Queensland-based local council needed to replace an ageing fleet of road maintenance trucks and transition the new vehicles to the road with minimal service interruptions.
HD Unit

Modern spin: Ausroad’s got council’s roads covered


Ausroad’s got council’s roads covered
Challenge: A Queensland-based local council needed to improve the way in which it managed its road repairs. Systems were antiquated, manual handling was excessive and health and safety standards were less than ideal.

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