Can I Hire Tools for Stemming Blast Holes?

Ausroad has two stemming trucks available for hire – one is the normal truck you are most probably used to seeing and the other is a new design, which is an Australian innovation and isn’t found anywhere else in the world. Let’s take a look at both of these stemming trucks:

The normal type of stemming truck

When you need to hire mining equipment in Australia, the leaders in the field are Ausroad, whose stemming trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia. Their in-house design means that you can deliver 26 tonnes of stemming in an easy 15 minutes with the entire process controlled from the driver’s cab. This makes stemming blast holes a quick and efficient operation.

Another contribution to the time saving factor are the truck hydraulics, which make the stemming process much more precise, resulting in time saved and less wastage. All of this massively increases the efficiency in stemming blast holes, as well as the safety factor on site.

The new stemming contour loaders

The first in the world, this is a radio-controlled vehicle that makes stemming blast holes across uneven or hilly terrain an absolute breeze. The rubber tracks make this loader very agile and the radio controls keep the operator at a safe distance. This means that work is not constantly interrupted, because the truck needs to negotiate difficult terrain – the contour loader just shoots along and does its job in double quick time.

When you want to keep the job on time and supercharge your efficiency and safety, you can’t go past this radio-controlled contour stemming loader. As far as mining equipment in Australia goes, this has to be one of the best loaders you can hire – and one of the most fun to operate!

Of course, you can actually drive and operate the loader yourself, but then you lose all the fun of operating a radio controlled stemming truck! Don’t forget this has a 1.5 tonne capacity and is purpose designed for stemming blast holes on steep terrain, where it is unsafe for regular trucks to operate.

So if you are in the market to hire a stemming truck, give some serious thought to the new stemming contour loader from Ausroad.