Road maintenance and stemming trucks

AUSROAD® designs, manufactures, and hires purpose-built, specialist road maintenance and stemming machines for both private and public sectors.

With valued customers from private contractors to large-scale resource companies, the AUSROAD® fleet is a trusted asset to every operation.

We are global leaders of innovation. Our proven results are second to none.

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Jetmaster Truck

Road maintenance plant

Jetmaster Trucks, HD Trucks, Emulsion Units, Water Trucks, Hiring, Contracting

Scania-G400 Stemming Rig

Mining plant

Stemming Trucks®, Contour Loaders, Water Trucks, Hiring, Contracting

Man in hard hat holding paper

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The production of our road maintenance and stemming trucks requires our team’s specialised and expert knowledge. All our innovation and product development is done here in Australia, from where we are leading the way globally.

Phone +61 7 3216 7058 today to talk to one of our friendly team members.

  • High quality products

    All equipment meets or exceeds Australian standards

  • Personal touch

    Highly personalised customer service

  • Fast response

    Solving any issues you may have is our top priority

  • Always innovating

    Continual innovative research and development

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