Water Trucks

Water Trucks
Key Benefits
  • Extremely reliable resulting in minimal downtime due to maintenance / mechanical failure
  • Spray-head configuration to suit application
  • Full epoxy tank lining to prevent corrosion
  • Full Autocad design service to ensure it meets customer requirements.
Tank Features
  • Full mine specifications as standard
  • Volume to suit Technical GVM of chassis
  • On-highway use and max GVM water leveling systems
  • Stairway access with lift assist and roof mounted handrails comply with AS1657-1992
  • Non-slip roof with transport foldable hand rails
  • 1-inch clear tubing sight glass fitted on front wall
  • Electrically operated spare tyre carrier mounted to body under access stairway
  • Heavy duty rear bumper fitted with off-road tow point.
Rear Pump and spray system
  • Southern Cross centrifugal pump fitted with a hydraulic motor
  • Cab-controlled water cannon
  • Ground-level fill-system fitted, allowing the tank to be filled without a stand pipe
  • Spray-heads with individual controls, as required
  • Full width, cab-controlled rear gravity feed dribble bar
  • Individual, cab-controlled left and right gravity feed batter dribble bars
  • Pressure outlet on rear spray bar for additional water delivery
  • Pressure outlet on rear pipe work for front mount sprayers
  • Hose reel with nozzle and bump stop, pressure-fed from spray bar
  • Foam tank mounting points fitted to the top of the tank (foam tank ready)
  • All piping is galvanised for corrosion prevention.
  • Harness Master electrical system, with all functions mounted in centre console control box
  • All lighting LED
  • LED work lights as required
  • Hour meters (as required)
  • Reverse alarm
  • Front and rear mounted LED amber beacons
  • High and low mounted LED tail lights
  • Battery and starter isolators
  • 24-v jumpstart receptacle
  • Illuminated safety whip flag as required
  • Emergency stops, as required
  • Reverse cameras as required.
Tank coatings
  • All painted components sandblasted to ISO 8501-1 compliant 2.5 class blast
  • Tank internally painted with an epoxy mastic tank liner approved for potable salt water cartage
  • Tank is externally primed with marine grade primer and top coated in 2pac white.


Ausroad® Water Trucks provide a reliable and robust water truck for general civil or mining applications. We can tailor-build units to suit any cab chassis Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Our industry leading design optimises reliability and minimises down time. Most processes are fully controlled from the driver's seat, enhancing safety. Proportional hydraulic control allows accurate control of pump speed.


white_check Extremely reliable resulting in minimal downtime due to maintenance/
mechanical failure
white_check Spray-head configuration to suit application
white_check Full epoxy tank lining to prevent corrosion
white_check Full Autocad design service to ensure Water Truck meets customer requirements
white_check Full mine specifications as standard

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