HD Trucks

HD Trucks
HD Trucks Specifications
  • Approximately 2.5m3 to 6m3 hopper capacity, able to receive and discharge
    • Quarry products up to 75mm in particle size
    • Hot mix asphalts
    • Cold mix premix asphalts
    • 3-14mm aggregate
    • 10-40mm crushed base aggregates.
  • ‘Reversing floor’ conveyor system to discharge material to rear of hopper
  • Controls both in cab and at machine’s rear
  • Material is discharged horizontally to ground
  • Shovel bin and other attachments as specified by local councils.
Emulsion systems
  • Pressurised emulsion tank (volume to be confirmed upon ordering)
  • Vessels are built to AS 1210 1997 standards
  • Fitted with doubling pads and stress relieved to Class 2B requirements for transportable vehicles
  • All pressurised emulsion tanks have independent safety relief valves and pressure gauges. This is separate from the regulator and gauge that is used to set pressure.
  • Working pressure is 40 PSI with safety set at 50 PSI
  • All pressure tanks have non-return valves to eliminate backflow.
Emulsion Filling
  • Filling the emulsion tank is quick and efficient via a two-inch cam lock
  • All operations can be conducted from ground level
  • Self-contained equipment can be supplied to allow filling from 210-litre drums
  • Heating of emulsion can be done either via Inline Heating (from emulsion tank to nozzle) or Overnight Heating (within emulsion tank).
Heating of emulsion
  • Inline heat exchanger using waste heat from truck cooling systems included.
  • Overnight 240 V heating of emulsion within the emulsion tank is another heating option standard on all Ausroad® Units.
Pressurised Water / Kerosene Tanks Galvanised steel water tank with a minimum capacity 100 litres, 40 litres kero. - Larger tanks are available upon request.
  • Single hopper 2.5m3 to 6m3 hopper capacity.
  • Hopper 4mm steel walls, 5mm steel plate hopper floor
  • From the hopper, material is discharged to:
    • Rear via horizontal slat chain type conveyor (reversible) to,
    • Either direct to ground, into shovel bin at mid-thigh height for ergonomic shoveling, side chute
    • Attachments as specified by individual council (or other Ausroad® optional equipment ie: Aggregate Spreader or Asphalt Paving Unit).
Conveyor Chain SS188 Rivet Chain
  • Pins – Alloy steel, case-hardened
  • Bushings – Carbon steel, case-hardened
  • Sidebars – Carbon steel, heat-treated
  • Scrapper bars – 50 x 20mm, alloy steel, heat-treated.
Paint (Powder Coating) Standard ARTIC white or a colour as required.

  • The body is sand-blasted to class 2.5
  • Under coated zinc, powder primer 'Corro Zinc' (epoxy)
  • Top coat ‘white’ powder coating, (polyester powder).



Backed by a three-year warranty, the Ausroad® Horizontal Discharge Unit (HD Series) is designed to deliver asphalt or quarry products. It’s suitable for a variety of maintenance tasks dependant on optionally fitted equipment.  It is a premium quality road maintenance machine utilising low-cost materials to produce high quality road repairs.
It’s suitable for large/small pothole patching, heavy maintenance, patch compaction and general
maintenance repairs.


white_check Low maintenance operation
white_check High quality construction, leading to
long-life body
white_check Flexible additional equipment to suit
individual applications.


On the road again: Ausroad upgrades council’s
ageing fleet
Challenge: A Queensland-based local council needed to replace an ageing fleet of road maintenance trucks and transition the new vehicles to the road with minimal service interruptions.

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