Australian road maintenance vehicles up and running in the UK

Ausroad’s customised Jetmaster trucks get to work repairing Britain’s roads   

Kiely Bros, the UK-wide supplier of carriageway and footpath surfacing treatments, has received its two new Australian-built Jetmaster trucks from Ausroad. 

To comply with local government standards, the Jetmaster trucks Australia called Multipatchers in the UK required some modifications. The Ausroad team manufactured and installed the modifications. ‘As is usual in a new market there were some challenges getting things up and running, but our partners in the UK (Multipatcher UK) have helped navigate the process’ Mr Toni Dunlop Managing Director of Ausroad said. 

Face-to-face customer training to bring out the best in Aussie manufacturing  

To ensure Multipatcher UK and their customers can hit the ground running with the Jetmaster (Multipatcher) trucks, Mr Dunlop flew to the UK to personally carry out onsite training and commissioning of the road maintenance vehicles. 

Mr Dunlop was more than happy to showcase the Multipatchers unique features himself, to ensure the UK operators could get the most out of their investment sas quickly as possible. 

“Our UK partners have told us that the Multipatcher brings a new level of performance and efficiency to road maintenance in their country,” he said. “For example, road edges that previously took a team of two men and a truck over half an hour to repair take just minutes with the Multipatcher.” 

To ensure the trucks complied with UKCA government standards, they required some minor modifications. Ausroad had the capability to manufacture and install the modifications immediately. 

Why the Australian Jetmaster works so well in the UK 

Though they’re made in Australia to suit Australian conditions, Ausroad’s Jetmaster is equally at home working in remote areas or in coastal environments. This versatility makes the truck an ideal solution for maintaining the United Kingdom’s network of country roads.  

The Ausroad Jetmaster features: 

  • Safe operation of road maintenance functions from the vehicle’s cabin using a joystick and control screen. 
  • A logical layout for the operator interface for straightforward control.  
  • Cabin control of rotary broom and spray selection to make edge break repairs easy.  
  • Venturi distributer to minimise blockages. 
  • Full width adjustable screed bar for road profile correction.  
  • 2.4m wide spray sealer with easily selected control with 300mm segments or narrow strips. 

Ausroad Managing Director Toni Dunlop said, “We’re so proud that our unique road maintenance vehicles – made right here in Brisbane – are already doing a great job maintaining the UK’s roads.” 

“Kiely Bros are just the first operators of the Jetmaster in the United Kingdom, but we reckon they certainly won’t be the last,” Toni said. 

“The Jetmaster’s advantages in speed, efficiency, and lower costs mean we can see a bright future for Australian manufacturing expertise in the UK.” 


About Ausroad: Ausroad has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built, specialist equipment for the private and government sectors since 1990. 

They design, manufacture and deliver road maintenance trucks and stemming trucks to meet their clients’ required specifications. 

Production of Ausroad road maintenance trucks and mine and blast support vehicles calls for a team with specialised and expert knowledge. All innovation and product development is done right here in Australia, from where Ausroad lead the way globally.