Is a Stemming Truck The Most Efficient Way to Fill Blast Holes?

A stemming truck is used to backfill blast holes on mine sites and is a procedure that focuses the blast downwards and contains and minimizes the effect of the blast above ground. Without at least one stemming truck on-site, backfilling blast holes must be performed by manual labour and is a very time consuming, back-breaking and unsafe operation.

In today’s financial climate, mining operations need to do everything they can to increase efficiency and cut down on costs and these specialised trucks dramatically increase the speed and safety of filling blast holes on-site. Specifically, a stemming truck will result in the following eight significant benefits to the drilling and blasting cycle:

1.The speed and efficiency of stemming is significantly increased on-site.
2.Increased safety due to less movement on the drill platform.
3.Automated controls in the driver’s cab keeps employees safely away from the stemming process.
4.Reduced dust and exposure to the sun for employees during stemming.
5.Eliminates double handling of stemming materials.
6.Reduced wastage of stemming materials and minimal contamination during the procedure.
7.Accurate delivery of stemming material to each blast hole.
8.Accurate record of stemming material used during filling.

All of these benefits result in a safer working environment for employees and fewer problems with Workplace Health and Safety on-site, as well as more consistent and faster filling of blast holes. As you can imagine, in both the short and the long term, a stemming truck can significantly increase the productivity of a mining operation, resulting in faster ore extraction.

At Ausroad, we design and manufacture our trucks to work consistently and reliably in the harsh Australian outback, so our trucks are tough, low maintenance and highly efficient. In fact, our trucks have revolutionised the stemming process within open cut mining operations, resulting in considerable cost savings to companies and increased safety on-site for employees.

Our stemming trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia and can deliver 26 tonnes of stemming within 15 minutes. For more information on our heavy duty trucks, call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 and chat to us about hiring or purchasing our trucks.