Locating Tough and Reliable Mining Equipment in Australia

Locating the best mining equipment in Australia is vital to the ongoing success of your business. No-one wants to invest their capital in equipment that constantly breaks down, which frequently happens when equipment is not designed for the harsh conditions prevalent in the Australian outback.

At Ausroad, we are known throughout the world for designing and manufacturing the very best and the toughest mining equipment in Australia. We ship our trucks all around the world, because if they can withstand the outback, they can take anything else that is thrown at them.

Why are Ausroad mining trucks the best?

We have been designing mining trucks since 1990 and during this time we have learnt what makes a truck tough, safe and low maintenance. We are not re-sellers, we actually design all of our trucks from the ground up and we know that we design the best mining equipment in Australia.

We continually research better ways to design and manufacture our trucks, so that we are always on the cutting edge of technology, giving our customers the very latest and the best designed mining equipment in Australia. We don’t sit in a room bending over a computer, instead we are out in the trenches talking to mining personnel, finding out what they want in their trucks and how we can design better trucks for the worker in the mines.

Since speed is not our only priority, we have also designed our trucks to be safer as well. With the entire stemming process automated from the cab, the operator can remain in a safe environment, whilst filling holes with precision and accuracy.

At Ausroad, we are the leading designers of mining equipment in Australia and the innovative design of our stemming trucks means that they have the largest capacity in the world. This means that stemming is completed much faster with our trucks, saving you both time and money that can be better utilised in other areas of your business.

If you are in the market for top of the range and reliable mining equipment in Australia, that is designed to be tough, low maintenance and safe, then you cannot do better than calling us at Ausroad on +61 7 3216 7058 and don’t forget to ask us for a free quote.