Mr Neil Levett and Mr Ross Bullerwell

Australian manufacturing to help maintain the UK’s road network

Ausroad’s Jetmaster road maintenance vehicles impress with speed, efficiency, and cost savings

[Brisbane, Queensland, 2023]: UK consultancy firm Levett Business Services has ordered two new Jetmaster vehicles from Ausroad, the specialist provider of road maintenance vehicles.

The vehicles, to be supplied to Levett’s client Kiely Bros, have been manufactured at Ausroad’s factory in Brisbane, Queensland.

Mr Neil Levett and Mr Ross Bullerwell were blown away by the design of Ausroad’s trucks. “Introducing new innovations is a core part of our business,” Mr Levett said. “When we saw the capabilities of the Jetmaster trucks, we knew they’d be ideal for our clients in the highway and road industries.”


Additional features make Ausroad’s vehicles the ideal choice

Unlike UK road maintenance vehicles (known as ‘multi patchers’) which simply distribute bitumen, the Australian made Jetmaster boasts a number of other features such as its spreader, brush cleaner, and water sprayer for dust suppression.

“We’d never seen a vehicle with all these features,” Mr Bullerwell said. “We realised how much effort, staff-hours, and money this was going to save with what is, let’s face it, a tedious job on a lot of country roads.”

It’s not only cost and efficiency which are anticipated to improve. The Levett team said that Ausroad’s vehicles will help boost health and safety for their clients too. “The aspect of not having people working directly on the roads is immense,” Mr Bullerwell said.

Ausroad’s flexibility and can-do attitude impressed the UK visitors. To take one example, the Jetmaster trucks required some minor modifications to ensure they comply with UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) government standards for operation in the UK. When Levett requested these customisations, they were amazed by the Ausroad team’s ability to manufacture and fit the mods to the vehicles straight away.

“Toni went out of his way to make sure all of our needs were met and was happy to customise the vehicles to meet UK standards,” Ross Bullerwell said.

All about the Australian-made Jetmaster road maintenance vehicle

Though they’re made in Australia to suit Australian conditions, Ausroad’s Jetmaster is equally at home working in remote areas or in coastal environments. This versatility makes the truck an ideal solution for maintaining the United Kingdom’s network of country roads.

Jetmaster can be used not only for routine sheeting and road edge repairs, it can also be rapidly deployed to remediate storm damaged pavements over large areas.

Health and safety have been key tenets in the Jetmaster’s design. Operator safety features include a non-tipping hopper that eliminates height clearance and weight shifting. An operator-controlled rear arrow board, roof signage, and high profile warning devices ensure the vehicle is noticeable to other road users. And the front mounted boom allows full visibility whilst driving, helping to reduce operator fatigue.

The Ausroad Jetmaster features:

  • Safe operation of road maintenance functions from the vehicle’s cabin using a joystick and control screen.
  • A logical layout for the operator interface for straightforward control.
  • Cabin control of rotary broom and spray selection to make edge break repairs easy.
  • Venturi distributer to minimise blockages.
  • Full width adjustable screed bar for road profile correction.
  • 4m wide spray sealer with easily selected control with 300mm segments or narrow strips.

Ausroad Managing Director Toni Dunlop said, “The fact that Levett’s have found a unique vehicle that fits their needs, made right here in Brisbane, is fantastic.”

“We’re excited about the possibilities from our new partnership between Ausroad and Levett Business Services,” Toni said.

Our vehicle will be ideal for use in the United Kingdom and we’re looking forward to seeing how they shake things up in the Old Country!”

About Ausroad: Ausroad has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built, specialist equipment for the private and government sectors since 1990.

They design, manufacture and deliver road maintenance trucks to meet their clients’ required specifications.

 Production of Ausroad road maintenance trucks calls for a team with specialised and expert knowledge. All innovation and product development is done right here in Australia, from where Ausroad lead the way globally.