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The Importance of Road Maintenance Services to the Local Community

Road maintenance services make a crucial contribution to the economic growth and development of a region, as well as providing important social benefits. A reliable and well maintained road system offers access to businesses, health, employment and education, all of which stimulate the economy and social development in an area.

Despite the initial investment in roads, over time, this infrastructure becomes damaged and deteriorates, requiring not only ongoing road maintenance services to maintain the existing roads, but also new investments to improve and expand the system. Without this ongoing maintenance and expansion, roads will continue to deteriorate, requiring significant repairs or even replacement after just a few years.

A lack of road maintenance services in an area ultimately results in a failing transport system, soaring costs and a significant financial cost to the local economy and population. Specifically, insufficient road maintenance leads to reduced service delivery and decreased safety on the roads.

Reduced service delivery: Any growing community relies on service delivery, which means that goods and products are delivered to business in the local area, whilst other goods are transported away from the area and across the country or overseas. A lack of road maintenance services puts this economic process in jeopardy, reducing profits to local businesses, increasing unemployment and eventually leading to businesses closing and moving away from the area.

Decreased safety: Ongoing road maintenance services are vital to the safety of all road users, including the public, as well as truck drivers who deliver the majority of our goods and produce around Australia. Failing road maintenance not only puts lives at risk and brings tragedy to many families and local communities, but it also increases the burden on the hospital system, which may need to provide long term care for victims of road traffic accidents.

Road transport is the major avenue for the movement of people, goods and produce around the country and when the system fails, because of insufficient road maintenance services, there are both long and short term ramifications for the community.

A failing infrastructure is not an option, the only solution is to continue investing in road maintenance services for the good of the community and the local economy. For more information on Australian road maintenance trucks, call Ausroad on 3216 7058.