Jetmaster Trucks

Jetmaster Trucks


  • The Venturi distributor eliminates the costly time and maintenance required by the superseded rotor distributing system first developed by Ausroad Systems PL
  • Will handle any material that flows up to 14 mm, including sand
  • Saves cleaning down time, as it can be cleaned by sending water through while running
  • Does not require dismantling at day’s end and needs no oiling.
  • Does not require the ongoing down-time of cleaning, fitting and adjusting wear pads or 'O' Rings
  • No moving parts
  • Saves the ongoing cost to time and maintenance of regrinding and replacing and re-fitting the rotor
  • Aggregate hopper capacity of either 4m3 to 6m3
  • Powered by Power Take Off (PTO) via truck engine, or Auxiliary drive where PTO not available or suitable
  • Compressor – Piston compressor, hydraulic drive
  • Blower - High volume low pressure, hydraulic drive.
Hydraulic System The Jetmaster® hydraulic system is powered via two variable displacement piston pumps, PTO (or Aux engine) driven via the Alison gearbox. Hydraulic manifold and valves are supplied by Southcott Hydraulics, branches Australia wide.
Emulsion Systems
  • Ausroad’s Jetmaster Trucks use pressurised emulsion tanks
  • Volume capacity is between 1,000-2,000-litres
  • Vessels are built to AS 1210 1997 standards
  • All pressurised emulsion tanks have independent safety relief valves and pressure gauges.
Emulsion Filling
  • Filling the emulsion tank is quick and efficient via a two-inch cam lock
  • All operations can be conducted from ground level
  • Self-contained equipment can be supplied to allow filling from 210-litre drums
  • Heating of emulsion can be done either via Inline Heating (from emulsion tank to nozzle) or Overnight Heating (within emulsion tank).
Pressurised water tank Water tanks provided for flush and wash-down purposes.
Pressurised kerosene tank Kerosene tank provided for system flush in the event of emulsion failure.
Aggregate hopper and
delivery system
A self-tracking conveyor belt carries the aggregate from the hopper.
Patching Boom The remotely controlled Jetmaster delivery boom is mounted at ‘bumper bar’ height. This provides considerable energy savings as it eliminates the need to carry the aggregate and emulsion over the truck cab. It also reduces the overall weight, resulting in greater payload.

The Jetmaster® unit is the only unit available that incorporates an ‘under the cab’ delivery system. This eliminates the suspended ‘over the cab’ boom design. Overall results are:

  • Lower profile clean design
  • Straighter delivery path improves efficiency
  • Safer driving when not patching
  • Eliminates the possibility of damaging equipment on overhanging object, such as trees or high signage
  • Truck ground clearance is maintained at or above truck’s original level.

Patching Boom fully
retracted for travel

Patching Boom position
during operation
Controls The joystick is located in the cab to the right of the driver/operator on operator’s console giving full control of the arm via a joystick. If required, the joystick can be mounted on the left.
 Cabin Control System Our IFM Ecomat control system has been developed to provide a straight forward logical user interface.

The operator has a ‘multi function’ screen mounted on a console to the left of the driver’s position. This screen enables operation of all machine functions as well as adjustment of proportional hydraulics and fault reporting. Please see below for examples of screens.

The IFM system has been developed for ‘mobile’ applications (including the mining industry) and is extremely robust and reliable.

Standard Jetmaster
  • Mark II Delivery System (‘instant off’ stone slide in the Venturi distributor)
  • 1,000-3,000,000-litre emulsion tank
  • Inline emulsion filter
  • Heat exchanger
  • Kerosene flush, water flush, air purge of emulsion lines
  • Spare spray rings (hardened)
  • Water hose & retractable reel
  • Water tap for hand washing
  • Ladder
  • Provision for overnight heating in emulsion tank construction
  • Remote-control joystick complete with integrated switches
  • Proportional control hydraulic system.
  • Sign storage rack
  • x 2 large lockable toolboxes.
Safety Equipment Warning beacons x 2 front and x 2 rear.
Major Options
  • Water Spray Bar
  • Aggregate Spreader/Spray Bar
  • Ausroad multipurpose full width paving & edging unit
  • Road Broom – includes water dust suppression with water jets
  • Hydraulic Remote Outlet
  • Load Cells
  • Automatic Greasing System
  • Heated spray tips on spray bar
  • Heated front nozzle emulsion ring
  • Hand Held Spray Lance.
Safety Equipment Options
  • Rear Mounted Camera
  • Traffic Director Arrow Board (rise & fall from cab)
  • Patrol Sign.



Ausroad® Jetmaster Road Maintenance Units are customised with a selection of optional equipment to cover required tasks. The high performance truck mounted Jetmaster® Road Maintenance Machine is designed for road maintenance, repairing broken edges and other sealed road surface damage including pot holes, road depressions, edge breaks, wheel path rutting, crack sealing, digouts, speed bumps, drainage bumps and scabbing. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our Jetmaster Trucks are tailored to perform road maintenance tasks with optimum efficiency, safety and comfort in mind.


white_check Backed by a three-year warranty, Ausroad Jetmaster Units consistently deliver high quality long-lasting repairs, which  subsequently lower road maintenance costs
white_check The Ausroad Jetmaster Road Maintenance Units have the ability to blow all water and debris out of the holes
white_check Can use variable sizes of aggregate without adverse affects on the delivery system
white_check The Ausroad system for aggregate delivery is the only road repair machine using the Venturi system


Modern Spin: Ausroad has council roads covered
Challenge: A Queensland-based local council needed to improve the way in which it managed its road repairs. Systems were antiquated, manual handling was excessive and health and safety standards were less than ideal. 

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