Scania-G400 Stemming Rig

Where Can You Find the Best Custom Mining Trucks in Australia?

If you are in the market for custom mining trucks, then it is important to select a company with a solid reputation.  It is also best to deal directly with a company that actually designs and manufactures the trucks, rather than going through a reseller.

Ausroad have a global reputation for designing and manufacturing a range of trucks that are tough, low maintenance and efficient. All of their trucks can be tailored to their customer’s specific needs and their trucks are purpose built to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the Australian outback. This means that these custom mining trucks are really tough, top of the line and built with the latest technology.

Ausroad manufacture three different types of custom mining trucks: Stemming trucks, Stemming contour loaders and Water trucks.

-Stemming trucks: With the largest payload in Australia, these custom mining trucks have revolutionalised the stemming process around the world. These trucks deliver 26 tonne loads of stemming material in 15 minutes, saving you both time and money on site. Ausroad don’t stint with their designs and with safety as a major factor in open cut mines, they have created a truck that can be fully automated from the cab. This means that the driver no longer has to be outside and in a potentially hazardous situation, as all stemming can be controlled automatically from the driver’s cab.

-Stemming contour loaders: These purpose built, radio controlled (they are ride-on as well), track-based custom mining loaders are designed specifically to make stemming on uneven surfaces a breeze. These loaders can go where the larger stemming trucks can’t go and make stemming on hilly or contoured surfaces both safe and easy. The rubber tracks grip the ground well and with the staged inclinometers that warm of excessive operating angles, stemming is achieved in double quick time.

-Water trucks: Everyone needs a solid water truck, as these are the work horses of open pit mines. Ausroad’s water trucks are renowned for being low maintenance and very reliable with minimal downtime.

You can’t go wrong with Ausroad’s custom mining trucks, so call them on 07 3216 7058 and find out how their range of trucks can make your work day safer and faster.