HR Water & Diesel Service Truck Available for Hire


Ideal for Drill & Blast or Production Support Operations


  • SVA service body on Volvo FMX Cab Chassis
  • Full Body Rebuild and New Engine Jan 2023
  • Current engine hrs 2288

Water Pod:

  • 16,000 Litre Water Capacity
  • Water Cannon and Rear Spray Unit
  • Dribble Bar
  • Hose reel
  • Reverse Camera & Proximity Warning Sensors

Diesel Pod:

  • 4,000 Litre Diesel Capacity
  • Hydraulic driven vane pump to suit an output flow up to 200 Lp/m
  • Diesel meter to accommodate maximum pump flow rate with mechanical display
  • Spring retractable hose reel with 15 metres x 38mm hose with quick connect
  • Coupling for bulk fill & LV gun
  • In-line diesel filter fitted downstream on pump

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Contact: Aaron Jemeljanovs
M: +61 487 084 697


Water Trucks Purpose-built for Drilling and Blasting

Drilling and blasting in mines, quarries and large civil excavation projects is a common process that requires experienced personnel and specialised equipment to achieve safe and successful outcomes.

Drill Rigs are the backbone of the drill and blast process, and must work 24 hours a day with as little downtime as possible for maintenance and refilling with diesel and water. This is where specialist support vehicles like Ausroad Drill Support Trucks come in to their own.

For over 30 years, AUSROAD has designed and manufactured specialist service vehicles for major mining, civil construction and government clients. These vehicles include the industry standard stemming trucks and specialised mine support vehicles such as drill support trucks, water trucks, shot utes, and dewatering trucks. There’s also the road maintenance trucks like the Jetmaster, HD (Horizontal Discharge) and custom-built asphalt crew trucks.

With a solution to meet its clients’ unique requirements, one vehicle that stands out in the AUSROAD fleet is their purpose-built HR water and diesel service truck.

According to AUSROAD Plant Services General Manager, Aaron Jemeljanovs, this vehicle is designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia specifically for the harsh open-cut drilling operations typical of Aussie mine sites.

“Our truck is configured for optimised performance and flexibility in drilling applications. It is capable of fuelling drills with water and diesel simultaneously, reducing the shutdown time for the drill. The truck can also be parked on a bench during wet weather, allowing drills to be refilled directly from the truck when access to the area for other vehicles is restricted.”

Aaron added that “the truck can also operate as a standard 16,000 litre water truck, as well as topping up other plant and equipment onsite with diesel without the need for multiple pieces of equipment onsite.”

The integrated features of the truck make it the ideal support vehicle for drilling and blasting. They are extremely reliable and keep downtime associated with maintenance or mechanical failure to a minimum. Additionally, the water cannon spray-head configuration can be adapted to suit the application at hand, and the tank has a full epoxy lining to prevent corrosion.

“The truck’s diesel pod has a 4,000 Litre capacity with a hydraulic-driven vane pump to suit an output flow of up to 200 Litres per minute,” said Aaron. “They also feature a coupling for bulk fill for large plant and machinery and a standard nozzle for LV’s, as well as an in-line diesel filter fitted downstream on pump.”

Ausroad showcases at the IPWEA Australasian Fleet Conference 2024

Ausroad recently exhibited at the IPWEA Australasian Fleet Conference 2024, hosted at the Brisbane Showgrounds. We were thrilled to showcase our cutting-edge Jetmaster Road Maintenance Truck, connecting with both new and familiar faces in the industry. It was a great opportunity to forge new relationships and reinforce existing ones, further strengthening our industry presence.

At Ausroad, our dedication to delivering top-notch customer service is a priority . The warm reception from IPWEA combined with the interest in our road maintenance products, services and solutions made the event a memorable one! Our heartfelt thanks to the IPWEA and everyone who stopped by our booth.

Australian road maintenance vehicles up and running in the UK

Ausroad’s customised Jetmaster trucks get to work repairing Britain’s roads   

Kiely Bros, the UK-wide supplier of carriageway and footpath surfacing treatments, has received its two new Australian-built Jetmaster trucks from Ausroad. 

To comply with local government standards, the Jetmaster trucks Australia called Multipatchers in the UK required some modifications. The Ausroad team manufactured and installed the modifications. ‘As is usual in a new market there were some challenges getting things up and running, but our partners in the UK (Multipatcher UK) have helped navigate the process’ Mr Toni Dunlop Managing Director of Ausroad said. 

Face-to-face customer training to bring out the best in Aussie manufacturing  

To ensure Multipatcher UK and their customers can hit the ground running with the Jetmaster (Multipatcher) trucks, Mr Dunlop flew to the UK to personally carry out onsite training and commissioning of the road maintenance vehicles. 

Mr Dunlop was more than happy to showcase the Multipatchers unique features himself, to ensure the UK operators could get the most out of their investment sas quickly as possible. 

“Our UK partners have told us that the Multipatcher brings a new level of performance and efficiency to road maintenance in their country,” he said. “For example, road edges that previously took a team of two men and a truck over half an hour to repair take just minutes with the Multipatcher.” 

To ensure the trucks complied with UKCA government standards, they required some minor modifications. Ausroad had the capability to manufacture and install the modifications immediately. 

Why the Australian Jetmaster works so well in the UK 

Though they’re made in Australia to suit Australian conditions, Ausroad’s Jetmaster is equally at home working in remote areas or in coastal environments. This versatility makes the truck an ideal solution for maintaining the United Kingdom’s network of country roads.  

The Ausroad Jetmaster features: 

  • Safe operation of road maintenance functions from the vehicle’s cabin using a joystick and control screen. 
  • A logical layout for the operator interface for straightforward control.  
  • Cabin control of rotary broom and spray selection to make edge break repairs easy.  
  • Venturi distributer to minimise blockages. 
  • Full width adjustable screed bar for road profile correction.  
  • 2.4m wide spray sealer with easily selected control with 300mm segments or narrow strips. 

Ausroad Managing Director Toni Dunlop said, “We’re so proud that our unique road maintenance vehicles – made right here in Brisbane – are already doing a great job maintaining the UK’s roads.” 

“Kiely Bros are just the first operators of the Jetmaster in the United Kingdom, but we reckon they certainly won’t be the last,” Toni said. 

“The Jetmaster’s advantages in speed, efficiency, and lower costs mean we can see a bright future for Australian manufacturing expertise in the UK.” 


About Ausroad: Ausroad has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built, specialist equipment for the private and government sectors since 1990. 

They design, manufacture and deliver road maintenance trucks and stemming trucks to meet their clients’ required specifications. 

Production of Ausroad road maintenance trucks and mine and blast support vehicles calls for a team with specialised and expert knowledge. All innovation and product development is done right here in Australia, from where Ausroad lead the way globally. 


Ten years of Trucks, Growth and Laughter

According to Toni Dunlop, co-owner and managing director of Ausroad Group, there’s nothing worse than being reprimanded by your accountant. “I kept having meetings with our accountants and left feeling like I was getting told off all the time,” he remembers. “There was one day in particular after an annual review, I felt like we’d been rapped over the knuckles. That’s when I knew I’d had enough.”

After he and his siblings, Stefan and Shari, took over the family business in 2001, Toni was excited to test his new ideas and growth strategies. One thing holding him back was his need for more confidence in his accountants.

“We took over the family business, and we were still using the existing accounting firm that our parents used,” explains Toni. But soon, the cracks started to appear. “We outgrew what we needed from that accounting firm –  they were just effectively doing compliance. What we really needed was more support and advice on a range of fronts on lots of different things.”

“I had a sporting background –  not a business background.” Toni laughs. “We were sort of making it up as we went along.” The hunt for a new accountant began, and after a short search, SRJWW made the cut. For almost a decade, SRJWW has joined forces with Toni to develop, grow and enhance his business – a partnership that Toni claims “helps keep him sane”.

“The range of services that SRJWW offers exceeded what the previous accountants could do – and that’s what we were looking for,” Toni smiles. And so a beautiful, long friendship was born.

The race for more trucks

“We move fairly quickly,” says Toni. “A lot of the time, we have an idea of what we want to do, but we don’t know how to achieve it or what’s involved. The Moranbah project was an example of that.”

After a gruelling application process, Toni was delighted to find that Ausroad had won the tender for a large contract servicing approximately five mines in Moranbah, Queensland. The only problem? Toni needed to obtain the finance to carry the cost for three months as quickly as possible and only had two weeks to fund, source and purchase the necessary trucks to do the job.

“We had to get a lot of gear on the ground fairly quickly. People, employees, the lot. And we needed a fair bit of working capital to get it up and running,” Toni reminisces. “There was a lot of work between SRJWW, the bank, and brokers to pull all that together.”

Behind the scenes, SRJWW principal John Riseley and his team embarked on the detailed and complex task of building a Three Way Financial Forecast and associated submission. This was to demonstrate to the bank that the project was viable for funding.  With the finances in the dutiful hands of SRJWW, Toni could focus on getting ready for the new sites. “We were so flat out trying to line up the equipment, we just didn’t have time to put our effort into the financial side of things. We were just too busy trying to find trucks.”

“It all came together in the end, though,” Toni starts to laugh. “It didn’t seem too complicated to me – but then again, I wasn’t doing the financial work! I just assumed that SRJWW had everything under control. I knew that SRJWW is putting in the hours in the background.”

“With SRJWW, we’ve come to expect that it gets done on time and all done well, so it’s not really unexpected anymore,” Toni elaborates. “You’ve got someone there who’s got their eye on the ball and all those other things that go on in the background.”

An unexpected friendship

For a no-nonsense, direct and practical mining industry Managing Director like Toni, it takes more than dedication and commitment to keep his business for almost ten years. “A lot of it comes down to the personality of who you’re dealing with,” starts Toni. “It’s a fairly close relationship, and you rely pretty heavily on their advice. So they must have your best interests at heart.”

While experience and expertise were always a priority for Toni, a key component of the relationship was collaboration. “The team at SRJWW are our accountants, but they’re also our consultants,” describes Toni. “It’s good to have a third party with whom you can talk through almost any subject and get another point of view.”

John and manager Troy Green regularly attend Ausroad’s board meetings, directly contributing to their Group Strategy and offering guidance at key moments. “I think it helps John and Troy to see what we’re talking about, what’s actually happening in the business and what our challenges are – accounting related or not,” says Toni. “There’s a lot of history and knowledge in these meetings, and that helps John and Troy in assisting in effective decision-making for our future. They have a good understanding of how we operate and when to inject their input into key Group decisions. We have been working together successfully for a long time, and there is a high level of mutual respect and trust associated with this.”

But the real unexpected outcome of teaming up with SRJWW for nearly a decade? The friendship. “I didn’t expect to be friends with my accountant, but it happened  – which is a good thing.” Toni grins. “Sometimes, on the way home, I’ll call John just to chat about our day or the cricket. I enjoy the relationship we have with SRJWW. We have a laugh, and we get the job done.”

Team up with a supportive, experienced team that will grow your business long-term. We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for a vigilant, honest and capable accounting and business advisory firm to partner with.


Australian mining technology makes an impact on the world stage

Brisbane, Queensland, May 2023: Ausroad, the specialist provider of drill & blast support vehicles, has impressed industry figures as an exhibitor at Latin America’s largest mining conference.

State government body Trade and Investment Queensland approached Ausroad Managing Director Toni Dunlop with the idea of attending Expomin 2023 in Chile.

Ausroad were no strangers to the South American mining industry, having already supplied a stemming truck to the ‘Minera San Cristobal’ mine, an open-pit silver, lead and zinc operation near the town of San Cristóbal in Bolivia. The mine’s feedback on the vehicle had been extremely positive.

Toni Dunlop recognised the opportunity to expand Ausroad’s presence further into the South American market, and arranged for the company to host a booth within the Austmine section of the conference.


Exhibiting at the largest mining show in Latin America

Held across the 24th to 27th of April 2023, Expomin 2023 played host to more than 70,000 industry professionals from around the world. More than 1,000 exhibiting companies and sponsors from 35 countries took part in the exhibition.

The largest mining show in Latin America, Expomin 2023 aimed to, “promote the transfer of knowledge, experiences and especially technologies that contribute to innovation and increase the productivity of mining processes.”

Thanks to their strong relationship with Trade and Investment and Austmine – Ausroad had opportunity to exhibit in the Australian pavilion at the mining show.

The expo was the ideal venue for Ausroad to present their new stemming truck technology, designed and manufactured in Australia.


Showcasing Australian mining support globally 

Ausroad Managing Director Toni Dunlop said, “Expomin 2023 was a major industry event and an excellent opportunity to further promote Australian manufacturing to an international audience.”

“We found that very few companies actually specialise in blast and support vehicles,” Mr Dunlop said.

It turned out that the Ausroad team had no trouble interacting with expo attendees. “Most people working in the major mines speak English as their international language, so communication was not a problem,” Toni Dunlop said. “But funnily enough, the mine and support contact from Peabody Energy in South America turned out to be an Australian!”

“It just shows the impact Aussies are having on the mining industry in general, wherever you go around the world,” Toni said.


Ausroad’s stemming truck design impresses on the world stage

Getting a blast right first time is essential in maximising the value of minerals that can be extracted. Industry experts in the mining blast and support areas recognise that Ausroad vehicles’ unique features support better blasts.

In fact, Ausroad’s stemming trucks lead the way in stemming operations across the world in terms of accuracy, reliability, and safety. The stemming trucks feature:

  • Full water truck capabilities
  • State-of-the-art control system with reverse camera, load cell system with transmission lock out, automated calibrated delivery, blast design software integration
  • Dust suppression on discharge of material to protect ground crew
  • Wash down hose with hydraulic pump and 3,000L water tank
  • Hydraulic operated hopper hatch
  • Local maintenance facility

Ausroad Managing Director Toni Dunlop said, “Ausroad is committed to making mine blasting safer and more cost effective. This opportunity to interact with mining industry personnel internationally has shown us that Australian technology and manufacturing really is leading the way.”

“We’ve made some great industry contacts at Expomin 2023 that we’re looking forward to building on,” Mr Dunlop said. “All of us at Ausroad are looking forward to further showcasing our tremendous Australian manufacturing abilities globally.”

About Ausroad: Ausroad has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built, specialist equipment for the private and government sectors since 1990.


They design, manufacture and deliver Mine and Blast Support vehicles as well as specialised road maintenance trucks to meet their clients’ required specifications.


Production of Ausroad Vehicles calls for a team with specialised and expert knowledge. All innovation and product development is done right here in Australia, from where Ausroad lead the way globally.

Australian manufacturing to help maintain the UK’s road network

Ausroad’s Jetmaster road maintenance vehicles impress with speed, efficiency, and cost savings

[Brisbane, Queensland, 2023]: UK consultancy firm Levett Business Services has ordered two new Jetmaster vehicles from Ausroad, the specialist provider of road maintenance vehicles.

The vehicles, to be supplied to Levett’s client Kiely Bros, have been manufactured at Ausroad’s factory in Brisbane, Queensland.

Mr Neil Levett and Mr Ross Bullerwell were blown away by the design of Ausroad’s trucks. “Introducing new innovations is a core part of our business,” Mr Levett said. “When we saw the capabilities of the Jetmaster trucks, we knew they’d be ideal for our clients in the highway and road industries.”


Additional features make Ausroad’s vehicles the ideal choice

Unlike UK road maintenance vehicles (known as ‘multi patchers’) which simply distribute bitumen, the Australian made Jetmaster boasts a number of other features such as its spreader, brush cleaner, and water sprayer for dust suppression.

“We’d never seen a vehicle with all these features,” Mr Bullerwell said. “We realised how much effort, staff-hours, and money this was going to save with what is, let’s face it, a tedious job on a lot of country roads.”

It’s not only cost and efficiency which are anticipated to improve. The Levett team said that Ausroad’s vehicles will help boost health and safety for their clients too. “The aspect of not having people working directly on the roads is immense,” Mr Bullerwell said.

Ausroad’s flexibility and can-do attitude impressed the UK visitors. To take one example, the Jetmaster trucks required some minor modifications to ensure they comply with UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) government standards for operation in the UK. When Levett requested these customisations, they were amazed by the Ausroad team’s ability to manufacture and fit the mods to the vehicles straight away.

“Toni went out of his way to make sure all of our needs were met and was happy to customise the vehicles to meet UK standards,” Ross Bullerwell said.

All about the Australian-made Jetmaster road maintenance vehicle

Though they’re made in Australia to suit Australian conditions, Ausroad’s Jetmaster is equally at home working in remote areas or in coastal environments. This versatility makes the truck an ideal solution for maintaining the United Kingdom’s network of country roads.

Jetmaster can be used not only for routine sheeting and road edge repairs, it can also be rapidly deployed to remediate storm damaged pavements over large areas.

Health and safety have been key tenets in the Jetmaster’s design. Operator safety features include a non-tipping hopper that eliminates height clearance and weight shifting. An operator-controlled rear arrow board, roof signage, and high profile warning devices ensure the vehicle is noticeable to other road users. And the front mounted boom allows full visibility whilst driving, helping to reduce operator fatigue.

The Ausroad Jetmaster features:

  • Safe operation of road maintenance functions from the vehicle’s cabin using a joystick and control screen.
  • A logical layout for the operator interface for straightforward control.
  • Cabin control of rotary broom and spray selection to make edge break repairs easy.
  • Venturi distributer to minimise blockages.
  • Full width adjustable screed bar for road profile correction.
  • 4m wide spray sealer with easily selected control with 300mm segments or narrow strips.

Ausroad Managing Director Toni Dunlop said, “The fact that Levett’s have found a unique vehicle that fits their needs, made right here in Brisbane, is fantastic.”

“We’re excited about the possibilities from our new partnership between Ausroad and Levett Business Services,” Toni said.

Our vehicle will be ideal for use in the United Kingdom and we’re looking forward to seeing how they shake things up in the Old Country!”

About Ausroad: Ausroad has been designing and manufacturing purpose-built, specialist equipment for the private and government sectors since 1990.

They design, manufacture and deliver road maintenance trucks to meet their clients’ required specifications.

 Production of Ausroad road maintenance trucks calls for a team with specialised and expert knowledge. All innovation and product development is done right here in Australia, from where Ausroad lead the way globally.

Volvo Collaboration

Ausroad’s collaboration with supplier Volvo has resulted in the latest Water truck recently delivered to the BMA mine in Peak Downs featuring magnificent artwork from Goreng Goreng artist Jacob Sarra.


The artwork symbolises Volvo Groups commitment to reconciliation, and acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia, and their connections to land, sea and community. It took about 25 hours to create. It draws on Volvo’s origins in Sweden and the global presence the Group has, and also on the theme of sustainability, highlighting Volvo groups group commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. The Ausroad Group are happy to be included and associated with this initiative.


MD Stefan Dunlop says ‘this forms part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our workforce.’

New spray sealing completed at Moranbah Workshop

AUSROAD’S Moranbah Workshop relocation and opening of a new facility gave the opportunity for one of AUSROAD’s Jetmaster Road Maintenance Units to be utilised for spray sealing work around the new building.  The areas outside of workshop bays are now fully spray sealed, reducing the amount of dirt and dust that would be blown into the workshop.  A safe flat consistent area for pedestrians and vehicles has been created, plus it looks great too!


Russell our National Fleet Manager is based at this location and will be able to expand on the services AUSROAD will provide from this facility. Although conveniently located in the Bowen Basin to service our mining division the option to provide workshop assistance to road maintenance vehicles without the need to return to Brisbane will bring an enhanced level of service provided by AUSROAD.


One of our AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Units has now returned to a customer in Southern NSW. Crews utilising the AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit where relieved as the function of the unit reduces manual handling whilst increasing productivity by carrying and moving bulk amounts of material safely on the purpose build UD cab chassis. Building on the partnership with our customer we have supplied additional chuting to suit their application and repair technique, an example of AUSROAD listening to the customers requests and feedback to provide quality equipment to the workplace that meets the expectations of the end user.

All AUSROAD Road Maintenance Units are currently on hire, a new Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit is on order, expected availability date December 2021.

AUSROAD Road Maintenance Hire Units

AUSROAD’S National Hire Manager – Road Maintenance, Darryl Hunter has been training new and repeat hiring customers at various locations, the most recent being an AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit delivered to Batemans Bay, NSW for a Civil Contractor.


An AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was mobilised rapidly interstate recently to assist a Civil Contracting Company meet their contractual obligations on a development project.


The spray sealing of a 350m cul-de-sac had been delayed for some time with weather events and equipment failures. Our customer was relieved to see the delivery of the AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit and quoted as his contingency to complete the project should things go amiss. Training was carried out on delivery, leaving the operator with the confidence to continue unassisted to deliver the project.

Tweed Shire Council, Murwillumbah, NSW

A 4.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in March 2021, being Council’s eighth AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit since 2000. Tweed Shire Council was the first Council in Australia to purchase the Jetmaster Remote Controlled front delivery model.

Boulia Shire Council, Boulia, QLD

An AUSROAD Emulsion Spray Trailer was delivered in March 2021, Council’s second AUSROAD Unit.

Southern Grampians Shire Council, Hamilton, VIC

A 4m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in April 2021, being Council’s second AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit in 2 years.

Bega Valley Shire Council, Bega, NSW

A 2.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in April 2021.

This was Council’s fifth AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit.

Warrumbungle Shire Council, Coonabarabran, NSW

A 6m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in May 2021.

This unit replaces Council’s first unit purchased in 1999.

Bogan Shire Council, Nyngan, NSW

A 4m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in May 2021, being Council’s third AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit since 1999.

Bundaberg Regional Council, Bundaberg, QLD

Two 4.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Units were delivered in June 2021, another is due for delivery July 2021.

Council have purchased eight AUSROAD Units since 2013, with a further two on order.

Goondiwindi Regional Council, Inglewood QLD

The third of 3 x AUSROAD Three Way Tipping Trucks was delivered in June 2021 in conjunction with Kenway & Clark Isuzu.

The previous two were delivered in May 2020.