New spray sealing completed at Moranbah Workshop

AUSROAD’S Moranbah Workshop relocation and opening of a new facility gave the opportunity for one of AUSROAD’s Jetmaster Road Maintenance Units to be utilised for spray sealing work around the new building.  The areas outside of workshop bays are now fully spray sealed, reducing the amount of dirt and dust that would be blown into the workshop.  A safe flat consistent area for pedestrians and vehicles has been created, plus it looks great too!


Russell our National Fleet Manager is based at this location and will be able to expand on the services AUSROAD will provide from this facility. Although conveniently located in the Bowen Basin to service our mining division the option to provide workshop assistance to road maintenance vehicles without the need to return to Brisbane will bring an enhanced level of service provided by AUSROAD.


One of our AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Units has now returned to a customer in Southern NSW. Crews utilising the AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit where relieved as the function of the unit reduces manual handling whilst increasing productivity by carrying and moving bulk amounts of material safely on the purpose build UD cab chassis. Building on the partnership with our customer we have supplied additional chuting to suit their application and repair technique, an example of AUSROAD listening to the customers requests and feedback to provide quality equipment to the workplace that meets the expectations of the end user.

All AUSROAD Road Maintenance Units are currently on hire, a new Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit is on order, expected availability date December 2021.

AUSROAD Road Maintenance Hire Units

AUSROAD’S National Hire Manager – Road Maintenance, Darryl Hunter has been training new and repeat hiring customers at various locations, the most recent being an AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit delivered to Batemans Bay, NSW for a Civil Contractor.


An AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was mobilised rapidly interstate recently to assist a Civil Contracting Company meet their contractual obligations on a development project.


The spray sealing of a 350m cul-de-sac had been delayed for some time with weather events and equipment failures. Our customer was relieved to see the delivery of the AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit and quoted as his contingency to complete the project should things go amiss. Training was carried out on delivery, leaving the operator with the confidence to continue unassisted to deliver the project.

Tweed Shire Council, Murwillumbah, NSW

A 4.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in March 2021, being Council’s eighth AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit since 2000. Tweed Shire Council was the first Council in Australia to purchase the Jetmaster Remote Controlled front delivery model.

Boulia Shire Council, Boulia, QLD

An AUSROAD Emulsion Spray Trailer was delivered in March 2021, Council’s second AUSROAD Unit.

Southern Grampians Shire Council, Hamilton, VIC

A 4m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in April 2021, being Council’s second AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit in 2 years.

Bega Valley Shire Council, Bega, NSW

A 2.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in April 2021.

This was Council’s fifth AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit.

Warrumbungle Shire Council, Coonabarabran, NSW

A 6m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in May 2021.

This unit replaces Council’s first unit purchased in 1999.

Bogan Shire Council, Nyngan, NSW

A 4m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in May 2021, being Council’s third AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit since 1999.

Bundaberg Regional Council, Bundaberg, QLD

Two 4.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Units were delivered in June 2021, another is due for delivery July 2021.

Council have purchased eight AUSROAD Units since 2013, with a further two on order.

Goondiwindi Regional Council, Inglewood QLD

The third of 3 x AUSROAD Three Way Tipping Trucks was delivered in June 2021 in conjunction with Kenway & Clark Isuzu.

The previous two were delivered in May 2020.

Clint Keble, Our CFO

At Ausroad we strive to employ highly talented team members that enjoy their jobs and diversity in their roles, which is why we are lucky enough to have Clint Keble as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


As our CFO, Clint is responsible for managing Ausroads company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record keeping and reporting. He likes the work environment, how everyone is very hands on and they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty.


“Most days are very good, and they run very smoothly. We get stuck into it and get the job done.” He also stated that one thing he loves about Ausroad is that the owners are always present which makes the decision-making process a lot faster. He likes the fact that everyone works efficiently and professionally.


One Ausroad experience that stood out for our CFO was the time he drove to Moranbah to “complete the stock take at one of our plant divisions.” It was very different to what his normal day to day looks like at the office. He’s normally sitting behind his desk, crunching numbers, but that day he was responsible for correct stock take then going back to the Ausroad share house or as Clint likes to call it the ‘Taj Mahal’ to line up and get his food with all the other team members and then “crash, there was no socialising down the pub with beers.”


Outside of work, Clint is a huge sports enthusiast. He loves to play all types of sports, cricket in particular. Cricket has been his sporting passion since he was a young boy, and he still loves to play the game every weekend. He plays for The Toombul District Cricket Club and their 4th grade Grand Final game a few weeks ago. To check out Clint’s amazing cricket catch from the game check out our latest Facebook post!


“Our umpire never saw me move quicker!” All his teammates were ecstatic with his quick reflexes and celebrated together, definitely over beers.



Tyre Lifter

A world exclusive, custom designed tyre lifter engineered by the team at AUSROAD.

Avoid your team’s man handling of heavy tyres – contact the team at AUSROAD today.




AUSROAD’s “Two in One”

Leading mining vehicle manufacturer continues to lead the stemming industry with custom-built multi-purpose truck

Combining the efficiency of its world-leading Stemming Trucks, with the safety of its durable water trucks, AUSROAD recently commissioned a combination Stemming and Water truck for valued client, Ausdrill.

The Queensland mine vehicle manufacturer, who specialises in trucks for open-cut and drill and blast operations, custom-built the vehicle based on Ausdrill’s unique specifications. Designed for use at Middlemount, an open-cut coal mine located north-east of Emerald, Queensland, AUSROAD worked with Ausdrill to ensure the vehicle met the unique needs of this expansive site.

As the Middlemount team wanted to utilise the unit in a drill support role when not required to be actively stemming, Ausdrill discussed their “wish-list” with the Ausroad engineering team and the specification was agreed upon. The truck can be used as a Stemming Truck when needed, and a Water Truck when tasked with Drill Support at other times, ensuring maximum return on investment, safety and efficiency.

AUSROAD’s Stemming Trucks feature up to 26-tonne hopper capacity, and an access hopper hatch allowing safe removal of oversized stemming. This extensive payload reduces movement on the shot, decreasing safety risks and limiting dust. When in use as a Stemming Truck, the vehicle can fill 30 holes to unrivalled accuracy in just 15 minutes, making it the method of choice for leading mining companies like BHP and Rio Tinto.

In addition to these features, the newly commissioned multi-purpose Stemming-Water Truck is fitted with a 2000L portable water tank, and a 6000L raw water tank. The water is distributed via a “Pump-out” access connection as well as two rear-mounted water sprays for watering down blast patterns and roads, helping suppress dust. Additionally, a water cannon and high-pressure water pump can be fitted to aid wash down of equipment. This supports uptime and the health of all team members on the shot by reducing inhalation of dangerous particle matter arising from mining operations.

AUSROAD has been building and supplying “Dual-Purpose” trucks for many years, with its entire hire fleet of 27 trucks having Rear Sprayers and “Pump-out” capability to support drilling operations, as well as other plant. Many clients have benefitted from having these innovations built into their Ausroad Stemming trucks. The new unit for Ausdrill has extended these capabilities to help ensure the new asset is working productively 24/7.

This commission is a testament to AUSROAD’s ability to adapt, design and deliver vehicles for clients’ specific site requirements, ensuring customisation at every level for maximum accuracy, efficiency and safety. This helps simplify operations, with extensive handover to develop in-house skills and reduce expenses.

The company’s comprehensive support and dedicated regional maintenance centres ensure trucks are maintained to the highest standard and are back on the shot after servicing as soon as possible for reliable and consistent results. Available for contract or hire, these vehicles come with 24/7 mechanical and administrative support from AUSROAD’S knowledgeable team. Get in touch with us today to discuss how a multi-purpose vehicle like this can be commissioned for your site.

For more information about AUSROAD’S range of vehicles speak to our friendly team.

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Ausroad Stemming Trucks Unrivalled – Safer, more efficient and fewer misfires

Ausroad Stemming Trucks are the fleet of choice for companies from BHP to Rio Tinto. Our innovative trucks surpass expectation every time, making Ausroad the go-to provider for mining companies across Australia.


Ausroad Stemming Trucks are unrivalled in their field. Unrivalled in efficiency, accuracy and safety. Unrivalled in ease of use and reduced labour.


With bucket and bobcat stemming systems becoming increasingly labour intensive, unsafe and inefficient, Ausroad Stemming Trucks are the way forward for medium to large scale mines.


When long term contract client of Ausroad, BHP switch to Ausroad Stemming Trucks, the crew saw an increase of 100% uptime, improving from 150 hours per month to 300.


Fill a shot of 50 holes in 15 minutes with the 21-tonne capacity of Ausroad Stemming trucks. The trucks’ 760mm side travel allows easy alignment to feed the shoot, surpassing the accuracy of inferior and laborious systems.  This accuracy, in turn, reduces stemming handling, increasing uptime and efficiency.


The unrivalled capacity of Ausroad Stemming Trucks means less movement across the shot, decreasing the potential for stretch-snap-fire instances and other costly, dangerous Occupational Health and Safety issues. Reduced movement across the drill pattern lessens dust exposure to ground staff., whilst the air-conditioned comfort of the Stemming Truck cabin affords minimal heat exposure to operators.


All Ausroad Stemming Trucks are fitted with a hopper hatch, that ensures large rocks will not sever wires, resulting in a costly and dangerous misfire. The hopper hatch also prevents expensive stemming wastage while eliminating contamination to ensure the highest quality filling. The automation of stemming filtering reduces labour costs and increases safety, allowing for more efficient filling of holes and extremely consistent blast results.


Ausroad’s trucks also feature a positively driven conveyor belt that works with a 760mm side travel to easily align stemming with the blast hole, reducing loading time. Higher mechanical flexibility means Ausroad Stemming Trucks can navigate diverse drill patterns while operating with the same proficiency and accuracy.


Rio Tinto’s recent analysis of Stemming Truck cost-effectiveness revealed that the vehicles added extreme value to the mine site. Their data suggested that the use of stemming trucks on a site decreased instances of misfires substantially. Rio Tinto concluded that “…two potential misfires equalled the cost of one truck”. Rio Tinto’s findings are compounded by Ausroad’s increased demand from domestic and international coal and iron mines, after completing the 9th Ausroad Stemming Truck for Cobra in South Africa and recently commissioning its 10th.

Ausroad’s fleet is manufactured in Australia and fitted with innovative mechanical and technological developments. With technological program Blast Logic, engineers can sync data on their tablets to the systems in Ausroad Stemming trucks, to ensure clear, real-time communication of vital information and changes to stemming quantities or routes. Ausroad understands that the accurate delivery of stemming volumes is extremely important and ensures a record of weights as delivered per hole, every time.


A background in manufacturing makes Ausroad uniquely equipped to produce reliable, high quality, durable Stemming fleets. This Australian company has been hiring and contracting its Stemming Trucks for over five years to companies like Rio Tinto and BHP. Ausroad parts are durable – able to handle stemming beyond typical 30mm crushed aggregate and perform in hot, dusty conditions. Ausroad operates most Stemming Trucks on a Volvo fleet – allowing the mechanical team to understand the idiosyncrasies of each truck to provide continual, reliable results.


Ausroad simplifies your operations by customising Stemming trucks to meet your site requirements, with comprehensive handover and commissioning to develop skills in-house and reduce costs. Our dedicated administrative and on-ground team offer invaluable, 24/7 support to ensure a seamless process for our clients, whether your purchase or hire.


For more information about Ausroad’s Stemming Trucks, speak to our friendly team.

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Stemming Truck Success

Ausroad Stemming Trucks are designed to achieve consistent stemming results alongside effective planning and skilled operators. Find out how to get the most out of your Ausroad Stemming Truck here…


As an industry leader in Stemming Trucks across domestic and international markets, Ausroad understands the importance of thorough planning, effective communication and quality maintenance in drill and blast operations.


Clear communication in the pre-start meeting not only ensures a comprehensive traffic management plan, but helps form a cohesive team environment in which everyone is aware of their role. As an experienced provider in Drill and Blast operations, Ausroad knows that detailed coverage of crew location, what they are loading, and the roles of each team member is imperative for efficient stemming every time.


Ausroad staff are able to work around Open Cut Examiner reports that give a detailed report on the mining conditions for the day, from the weather and its impact on the ground. With highly flexible systems our fleet is able to work around various drill patterns to ensure uniform accuracy no matter the layout or environment.


Ausroad Stemming Trucks have the ability to work cohesively alongside traffic management plans, reports and daily updates by using adaptable, innovative systems matched with high quality machinery capable of getting the job done, with higher productivity and lower costs per hole.


The Ausroad manufacturing and administrative team is well established and operates in Australia with a dedicated crew of highly experienced and professional staff. We pride ourselves on offering customisable Stemming Trucks, able to be fitted to a variety of chassis and suited to individual needs.


Our workshop crew are fully trained to maintain our Stemming Trucks and are able to communicate individual needs between contractors and Ausroad. The Ausroad fleet is innovative in its design, with fewer moving parts leaving less room for error.


Commissioned to the highest quality standard, we ensure your investment delivers cost-effectiveness and immediate value. Ausroad Stemming Trucks play a vital role in managing an effective process and it is our priority to ensure no matter the conditions, demands or load, our fleet can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


Whether you hire or buy, Ausroad’s experienced and professional team provides end to end assistance, via field support and training. We also offer a variety of reporting options that can detail hours, material and measurements broadly or specifically, depending on your needs. Our highly skilled operators, technicians and supervisors provide best practice advice as part of our commitment to Quality Assurance for our valued clients.


Planning and maintenance are vital to the efficient running of drill and blast operations. Ausroad’s experienced team understands this and ensures our hire/purchase machinery is of the highest standard, to assist our clients in achieving the best results possible. Ausroad Stemming Trucks leverage your pre-existing plans to create even greater efficiency with professionalism and safety.


When you invest in Ausroad Stemming Trucks, you are investing in assurance that you have hired the best solution for your mining needs, supported by unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and safety.


To learn more about how Ausroad Stemming Trucks can support you in getting the most out of your mining operations call us on (07)3216 7058 or email or go online to


Australia’s Number One Stemming Truck Hire fleet

With 29 years of materials handling experience, Ausroad is the industry leader in hiring and contracting Stemming Trucks, Contour Loaders and Services trucks. With valued customers across Australia and the world, Ausroad is experienced in providing end to end solutions for the mining sector.


With support, training, operators and maintenance provided to clients, Ausroad ensures its customers are comprehensively equipped with all they need for a safe, efficient and productive hiring experience. Currently, the Ausroad hire fleet is situated Australia wide from Queensland to Western Australian mine sites.


After years of cultivating strong relationships with our valued contractors and hire customers, Ausroad guarantees your hiring experience will be productive and trouble free. We provide everything necessary to achieve the most out of your hire.


A hallmark of the Ausroad fleet, is that we provide our clients with extensive training for all dry hires. Full training and backup support are essential to ensure thorough communication and competent vehicle operation. Ausroad’s inclusive training ensures your operators and team can get the most out of their hire, achieving optimal productivity, accuracy and safety.


Complementary to our contract and hire service, Ausroad offers a dedicated National Maintenance Manager who oversees and assists the operations of our valued customers. Our expert technical support is available around the clock – when you need us, we’re available. Similarly, our fitters and maintenance personnel are on call and ready to help connect the right support and parts to you.


We have a workshop for local fleet repairs and maintenance in Moranbah, Queensland, with knowledgeable, dedicated mechanics who ensure your vehicle is fixed as soon as possible and runs to the highest quality every time. We also have a Perth-based Trainer and Assessor.


The majority of our fleet comes standard with 20 000kg SWL hopper capacities, side and rear slewing conveyors, full calibration and dust suppression.


We offer dry hire to full DTH Stemming Contracts and can modify our fleet to suit your individual requirements. Dry and wet hire rates are available. We have a fleet of 24 Stemming and 6 Water Trucks available for hire and deliver units to any part of Australia.


Ausroad is in the process of expanding its Water Truck fleet and is constantly innovating to bring new features and capabilities that optimise productivity, accuracy and safety.


Talk to us about options for hire and contract to suit your needs. To speak to our friendly team, please phone: +61 7 3216 7058 or email OR

What Are the 3 Most Reliable Road Maintenance Machines You Can Hire in Australia?

At Ausroad, we design and manufacture three of the best-selling road maintenance machines in Australia. It is no secret that our HD trucks, Jetmaster trucks and our emulsion spray units are known throughout the world for being tough, top of the line trucks, able to function in the worst of environments.

All of our trucks are available for hire and we have been providing road maintenance machines to government organisations and private contractors for more than 25 years.

Why are Ausroad’s road maintenance machines the best hires in Australia?

There are many reasons why our road maintenance trucks are so popular. Mainly because you save a lot of money when you hire rather than buy, and you are not simply hiring a second rate, imported and badly designed truck. You are hiring the most up to date and the best designed modern trucks in Australia.

We sell our road maintenance machines all over the world, because people within the industry know that our trucks can take a beating and keep on going, regardless of the temperature, weather and environment. Let’s take a look at some of the features of our best-selling road maintenance machines.

HD trucks: Our Horizontal Discharge Units (HD Series) are designed to deliver asphalt or quarry products. They are suitable for a variety of road maintenance tasks, such as pot hole filling, patch compaction and other heavy maintenance, depending on the optional extras you require.

Jetmaster trucks: Our Jetmaster road maintenance trucks are customised with a selection of equipment, suitable for a variety of tasks, from repairing broken edges, pot holes, edge breaks, depressions and speed bumps.

Emulsion spray units: These self-contained road maintenance machines come with a selection of different outlets including a spray wand, spray bar and crack filling device. They can be either skid or trailer mounted and are ideal for small road maintenance jobs.

As you can see, Ausroad road maintenance machines are a step above the rest, so if you are in the market to hire some seriously tough road maintenance trucks, then call us on 07 3216 7058 and let’s get you started.

8 Reasons to Hire Ausroad Road Maintenance Trucks for Your Business

At Ausroad, we sell and hire out our Jetmaster trucks, HD trucks and emulsion spray units to private companies who have usually won contracts for road maintenance or even to local councils themselves. If you are a business owner or manager in the industry, you are well aware that whenever a company requires road maintenance trucks, there is always the question of should you buy or hire?

In today’s financial climate many people might think that it is a good idea to hire their road maintenance trucks, so let’s take a closer look at 8 of the advantages of hiring, instead of buying your trucks.

1. Supplement your core fleet: If you know that you only need a certain road maintenance truck for a short period of time to finish a job, it makes complete sense to hire rather than buy.
2. No maintenance: You save money on services and maintenance, as we deal with all of that for you and all you need to do is complete your job.
3. No transport needed: We deliver all of our trucks anywhere in Australia, so you save money on transport costs as well.
4. No registrations or insurances: Part of the costs in owning these large trucks are the costly registrations and insurances. We pay all of these for you when you hire from us, so you save even more money.
5. No extra storage needed: When you no longer need to use the road maintenance trucks, you don’t have to store them in your storage facilities or yard, because we simply pick them up from you at the end of the hire.
6. Free up your capital: With the downturn in the economy, every dollar counts and having the cash on hand to grow your business is much better than tying it up in trucks parked in the yard.
7. Reduce your liabilities: When you purchase road maintenance trucks they are classed as liabilities and reduce your ability to borrow money from the banks.
8. Modern trucks: All of our road maintenance trucks are top of the line with all the bells and whistles that increase efficiency and reduce time on the road. When you buy your trucks, you are stuck with that model forever.

Call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 and let’s talk about how hiring our road maintenance trucks can help your business save money.