AUSROAD Road Maintenance Hire Units

AUSROAD’S National Hire Manager – Road Maintenance, Darryl Hunter has been training new and repeat hiring customers at various locations, the most recent being an AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit delivered to Batemans Bay, NSW for a Civil Contractor.


An AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was mobilised rapidly interstate recently to assist a Civil Contracting Company meet their contractual obligations on a development project.


The spray sealing of a 350m cul-de-sac had been delayed for some time with weather events and equipment failures. Our customer was relieved to see the delivery of the AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit and quoted as his contingency to complete the project should things go amiss. Training was carried out on delivery, leaving the operator with the confidence to continue unassisted to deliver the project.

Tweed Shire Council, Murwillumbah, NSW

A 4.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in March 2021, being Council’s eighth AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit since 2000. Tweed Shire Council was the first Council in Australia to purchase the Jetmaster Remote Controlled front delivery model.

Boulia Shire Council, Boulia, QLD

An AUSROAD Emulsion Spray Trailer was delivered in March 2021, Council’s second AUSROAD Unit.

Southern Grampians Shire Council, Hamilton, VIC

A 4m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in April 2021, being Council’s second AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit in 2 years.

Bega Valley Shire Council, Bega, NSW

A 2.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in April 2021.

This was Council’s fifth AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit.

Warrumbungle Shire Council, Coonabarabran, NSW

A 6m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in May 2021.

This unit replaces Council’s first unit purchased in 1999.

Bogan Shire Council, Nyngan, NSW

A 4m3 AUSROAD Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit was delivered in May 2021, being Council’s third AUSROAD Road Maintenance Unit since 1999.

Bundaberg Regional Council, Bundaberg, QLD

Two 4.5m3 AUSROAD HD Series Road Maintenance Units were delivered in June 2021, another is due for delivery July 2021.

Council have purchased eight AUSROAD Units since 2013, with a further two on order.

Goondiwindi Regional Council, Inglewood QLD

The third of 3 x AUSROAD Three Way Tipping Trucks was delivered in June 2021 in conjunction with Kenway & Clark Isuzu.

The previous two were delivered in May 2020.

What Are the 3 Most Reliable Road Maintenance Machines You Can Hire in Australia?

At Ausroad, we design and manufacture three of the best-selling road maintenance machines in Australia. It is no secret that our HD trucks, Jetmaster trucks and our emulsion spray units are known throughout the world for being tough, top of the line trucks, able to function in the worst of environments.

All of our trucks are available for hire and we have been providing road maintenance machines to government organisations and private contractors for more than 25 years.

Why are Ausroad’s road maintenance machines the best hires in Australia?

There are many reasons why our road maintenance trucks are so popular. Mainly because you save a lot of money when you hire rather than buy, and you are not simply hiring a second rate, imported and badly designed truck. You are hiring the most up to date and the best designed modern trucks in Australia.

We sell our road maintenance machines all over the world, because people within the industry know that our trucks can take a beating and keep on going, regardless of the temperature, weather and environment. Let’s take a look at some of the features of our best-selling road maintenance machines.

HD trucks: Our Horizontal Discharge Units (HD Series) are designed to deliver asphalt or quarry products. They are suitable for a variety of road maintenance tasks, such as pot hole filling, patch compaction and other heavy maintenance, depending on the optional extras you require.

Jetmaster trucks: Our Jetmaster road maintenance trucks are customised with a selection of equipment, suitable for a variety of tasks, from repairing broken edges, pot holes, edge breaks, depressions and speed bumps.

Emulsion spray units: These self-contained road maintenance machines come with a selection of different outlets including a spray wand, spray bar and crack filling device. They can be either skid or trailer mounted and are ideal for small road maintenance jobs.

As you can see, Ausroad road maintenance machines are a step above the rest, so if you are in the market to hire some seriously tough road maintenance trucks, then call us on 07 3216 7058 and let’s get you started.

8 Reasons to Hire Ausroad Road Maintenance Trucks for Your Business

At Ausroad, we sell and hire out our Jetmaster trucks, HD trucks and emulsion spray units to private companies who have usually won contracts for road maintenance or even to local councils themselves. If you are a business owner or manager in the industry, you are well aware that whenever a company requires road maintenance trucks, there is always the question of should you buy or hire?

In today’s financial climate many people might think that it is a good idea to hire their road maintenance trucks, so let’s take a closer look at 8 of the advantages of hiring, instead of buying your trucks.

1. Supplement your core fleet: If you know that you only need a certain road maintenance truck for a short period of time to finish a job, it makes complete sense to hire rather than buy.
2. No maintenance: You save money on services and maintenance, as we deal with all of that for you and all you need to do is complete your job.
3. No transport needed: We deliver all of our trucks anywhere in Australia, so you save money on transport costs as well.
4. No registrations or insurances: Part of the costs in owning these large trucks are the costly registrations and insurances. We pay all of these for you when you hire from us, so you save even more money.
5. No extra storage needed: When you no longer need to use the road maintenance trucks, you don’t have to store them in your storage facilities or yard, because we simply pick them up from you at the end of the hire.
6. Free up your capital: With the downturn in the economy, every dollar counts and having the cash on hand to grow your business is much better than tying it up in trucks parked in the yard.
7. Reduce your liabilities: When you purchase road maintenance trucks they are classed as liabilities and reduce your ability to borrow money from the banks.
8. Modern trucks: All of our road maintenance trucks are top of the line with all the bells and whistles that increase efficiency and reduce time on the road. When you buy your trucks, you are stuck with that model forever.

Call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 and let’s talk about how hiring our road maintenance trucks can help your business save money.

The Importance of Road Maintenance Services to the Local Community

Road maintenance services make a crucial contribution to the economic growth and development of a region, as well as providing important social benefits. A reliable and well maintained road system offers access to businesses, health, employment and education, all of which stimulate the economy and social development in an area.

Despite the initial investment in roads, over time, this infrastructure becomes damaged and deteriorates, requiring not only ongoing road maintenance services to maintain the existing roads, but also new investments to improve and expand the system. Without this ongoing maintenance and expansion, roads will continue to deteriorate, requiring significant repairs or even replacement after just a few years.

A lack of road maintenance services in an area ultimately results in a failing transport system, soaring costs and a significant financial cost to the local economy and population. Specifically, insufficient road maintenance leads to reduced service delivery and decreased safety on the roads.

Reduced service delivery: Any growing community relies on service delivery, which means that goods and products are delivered to business in the local area, whilst other goods are transported away from the area and across the country or overseas. A lack of road maintenance services puts this economic process in jeopardy, reducing profits to local businesses, increasing unemployment and eventually leading to businesses closing and moving away from the area.

Decreased safety: Ongoing road maintenance services are vital to the safety of all road users, including the public, as well as truck drivers who deliver the majority of our goods and produce around Australia. Failing road maintenance not only puts lives at risk and brings tragedy to many families and local communities, but it also increases the burden on the hospital system, which may need to provide long term care for victims of road traffic accidents.

Road transport is the major avenue for the movement of people, goods and produce around the country and when the system fails, because of insufficient road maintenance services, there are both long and short term ramifications for the community.

A failing infrastructure is not an option, the only solution is to continue investing in road maintenance services for the good of the community and the local economy. For more information on Australian road maintenance trucks, call Ausroad on 3216 7058.

3 Things to Look For When Buying Road Maintenance Machines

When you are considering using some of your hard earned capitol and purchasing road maintenance machines, you need to make sure that you are dealing with the right company. You want to look for a manufacturer, rather than a reseller and you also want the company to have a well-regarded reputation in the industry. Other things to look for are low maintenance road maintenance machines, as well as on-site delivery, and training and support.

Reputation in the industry
When you are spending so much money on road maintenance machines, you want to be sure you are dealing with an established designer and manufacturer and not some fly by night who might disappear next year. Ausroad are one of the best regarded manufacturers of road maintenance vehicles in Australia and have built a solid reputation for their honesty, their reliability and their high quality designs.

Low maintenance
All of the Ausroad road maintenance machines are designed specifically to be low maintenance, saving you both time and money. For example, their Jetmaster trucks are designed to work at optimum efficiency and do not require cleaning, oiling or dismantling at the end of the day. These design enhancements make a huge difference to the amount of time that is needed every day just to maintain these type of heavy duty trucks.
Training and support
Purchasing these road maintenance machines isn’t just like buying a new car, where you can hop in and drive away. That is why Ausroad have fitters and maintenance personal on call and why they provide full training and backup support. They even have expert technical support available and a dedicated national maintenance manager. All of this means that your employees will be fully trained in the use of these road maintenance machines (at no cost to you), and you have full technical and service support whenever you need their help.

Ausroad even go one step further by delivering your road maintenance machines anywhere in Australia. Without a doubt, Ausroad really do provide a high quality product and a first class service to their customers. Call them on 07 3216 7058 and get your workers back on the road fast.

Looking for an Emulsion Sprayer for Sale? Check Out The Advantages of a Trailer vs a Skid Mounted Emulsion Sprayer

When you are looking for an emulsion sprayer for sale, you need to know whether you want a trailer or a skid mounted unit. Ausroad are the leading manufacturers of emulsion sprayers, so if your business is ready to look for an emulsion sprayer for sale in Australia, let’s take a look at the advantages of a trailer mounted versus a skid mounted unit.

Advantages of a trailer mounted emulsion sprayer for sale
When you are searching for an emulsion sprayer for sale, our trailer mounted units are ideal – they are capable of holding between 500 litres to 2,000 litres, are powered by a heavy duty petrol engine with a 3 cylinder cast-iron air compressor and have a 40 litre air receiver and a 40 litre kerosene tank.

The trailer fittings include a 2 to 3 tonne ATM steel tandem axle trailer with a trailer suspension kit, spare wheel, 205R16 eight ply tyres, LED side and tail lights, a 50mm hitch and a 7 pin round trailer plug (which can be customised), emergency break away chains and a swing away landing leg that can be removed. These units are tough, low maintenance and are easy to operate.

Advantages of a skid mounted emulsion sprayer for sale
Our skid mounted emulsion sprayers are fully mobile, standalone units that are designed to be lifted with a forklift from three sides and can be mounted on trucks or on a forklift’s bucket. These units are ideal for small to medium sized jobs and are built to comply with the Australian Standard AS 1210.

These units are powered by a pull start petrol engine with a 2 cylinder cast iron air compressor and come with a 40 litre kerosene tank for line flushing. You also have a 40 litre air receiver, a powder coated frame, a 10 meter steel retractable hose and an emulsion wand with spray nozzle, so you can use either a hand spray bar or a foldaway spray bar.

At Ausroad we can customise any of our units specifically for your business, so if you are searching for an emulsion sprayer for sale in Australia, call us on 07 3216 7058 and we can discuss your requirements.

Ausroad Helps to Build Safer Roads

Ausroad builds tough, specialist road maintenance trucks designed specifically to work in harsh environments, to be low maintenance and to exceed Australian Standards. Providing road maintenance solutions is vital to your business, so you need the best people on your team to drive your business forward.

Without a doubt, if your business has been contracted to supply road maintenance services, then you need trucks and equipment that are built to last and use the latest technology, so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

This means that you need high quality, customised trucks, full training and backup support services, and the flexibility of purchasing or hiring your trucks and equipment.
High quality trucks customised to your needs
Ausroad’s trucks can be customised to suit the specific road maintenance services you provide, so you can always be sure of having the latest technology on hand. What you have is a road maintenance body fitted to a standard cab chassis, but with your modifications included. So you can chose between a HD truck and a Jetmaster truck, with optional additional equipment to suit your individual requirements and both come with a 3 year warranty.

Full training and backup support
When you hire road maintenance trucks from Ausroad, you can chose from their well-maintained fleet of high quality, modern trucks. So you don’t have to put up with older trucks that have seen better days, you have access to some of the best trucks in the world. You also have full training and backup, as well as fitters and maintenance personal on call if you need them at any time.

The flexibility of hiring your trucks

If you hire your trucks, this brings a whole new meaning to road maintenance solutions, because you can hang onto your capital and use it for other business opportunities, instead of tying it up in hard assets. It’s fair to say that the resources industry has taken a downturn, so having access to your capital in such a volatile market can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business in the future. So if you are in the market for some tough road maintenance trucks, call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058.

How To Get The Latest Equipment For Your Road Maintenance Company

Mining maintenance contractors need to stay on top of their game or else they could lose their valuable contracts to the competition. One of the easiest ways to stay at the top is to make sure that you always use the most reliable and the latest high-tech equipment that is available for road maintenance in Australia.

This is not easy, because you have to source the right companies, who can offer you the latest equipment for the right price. So let’s take a look at whether you should hire or purchase your road maintenance equipment in today’s financial climate.

Hiring equipment for road maintenance in Australia
When mining maintenance contractors hire equipment for road maintenance they don’t have to use their capital, because they only have monthly hiring costs. This means that you can expand your business and spend money on other areas that need attention without tying up your money in equipment.

You also don’t have the cost of maintaining the trucks or repairing them and you don’t have to register and insure them. Even more importantly, you can use the latest equipment and not have to pay top dollar to purchase them, because any good the hire company should have the most up to date equipment available for hire.

Buying equipment for road maintenance in Australia
As a mining maintenance contractor you need to have the latest equipment available at a moment’s notice to take advantage of any work that comes your way. So purchasing your own fleet of trucks and your own road maintenance equipment makes sense from a logistical point of view. When you own your equipment, you can deploy your operations team anywhere at any time without having to worry about arranging to hire trucks and equipment and then finding that what you need isn’t readily available.

So if you are in the market for the latest equipment for road maintenance in Australia, then if you are cutting costs, it is better to hire your trucks and equipment. On the other hand, if logistics are your top priority, then purchasing the latest equipment is the better option.

On the road again: Ausroad upgrades council’s ageing fleet


A Queensland-based local council needed to replace an ageing fleet of road maintenance trucks and transition the new vehicles to the road with minimal service interruptions.


Ausroad consulted with the client and made a number of recommendations. Subsequently, the council purchased four Ausroad HD Series Road Maintenance Trucks and one Emulsion Spray Trailer. One of the deciding factors that made Ausroad a strategic match for this project was the speed at which Ausroad could build the trucks to specification, which was more than 50 per cent faster than other companies that tendered said they could deliver.


The new vehicles have resulted in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Less down-time due to better reliability
  • Higher workplace health and safety standards.

Modern spin: Ausroad’s got council’s roads covered


A Queensland-based local council needed to improve the way in which it managed its road repairs. Systems were antiquated, manual handling was excessive and health and safety standards were less than ideal.


The council selected Ausroad because of its specialist vehicles, which provided the versatility to deliver a number of functions. The council also appreciated the fact Ausroad offered comprehensive staff training and induction with each vehicle purchase. Since July 2011, the client has purchased five Ausroad HD Series Road Maintenance Units, one Ausroad Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit and two Emulsion Spray Trailers.

All purchases have been well utilised, with the Ausroad Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit on the road full time spray sealing the roads with aggregate and bitumen emulsion, while the Ausroad HD Series Road Maintenance Units focus on potholes and general road repairs. The Emulsion Spray Trailers accompany the Ausroad Jetmaster Road Maintenance Unit to save re-fill trips back to the depot, making the overall operation even more efficient.


The new vehicles have resulted in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved operator comfort
  • Less down-time due to better reliability
  • Higher workplace health and safety standards.