Volvo Collaboration

Ausroad’s collaboration with supplier Volvo has resulted in the latest Water truck recently delivered to the BMA mine in Peak Downs featuring magnificent artwork from Goreng Goreng artist Jacob Sarra.


The artwork symbolises Volvo Groups commitment to reconciliation, and acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia, and their connections to land, sea and community. It took about 25 hours to create. It draws on Volvo’s origins in Sweden and the global presence the Group has, and also on the theme of sustainability, highlighting Volvo groups group commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. The Ausroad Group are happy to be included and associated with this initiative.


MD Stefan Dunlop says ‘this forms part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our workforce.’

AUSROAD’s “Two in One”

Leading mining vehicle manufacturer continues to lead the stemming industry with custom-built multi-purpose truck

Combining the efficiency of its world-leading Stemming Trucks, with the safety of its durable water trucks, AUSROAD recently commissioned a combination Stemming and Water truck for valued client, Ausdrill.

The Queensland mine vehicle manufacturer, who specialises in trucks for open-cut and drill and blast operations, custom-built the vehicle based on Ausdrill’s unique specifications. Designed for use at Middlemount, an open-cut coal mine located north-east of Emerald, Queensland, AUSROAD worked with Ausdrill to ensure the vehicle met the unique needs of this expansive site.

As the Middlemount team wanted to utilise the unit in a drill support role when not required to be actively stemming, Ausdrill discussed their “wish-list” with the Ausroad engineering team and the specification was agreed upon. The truck can be used as a Stemming Truck when needed, and a Water Truck when tasked with Drill Support at other times, ensuring maximum return on investment, safety and efficiency.

AUSROAD’s Stemming Trucks feature up to 26-tonne hopper capacity, and an access hopper hatch allowing safe removal of oversized stemming. This extensive payload reduces movement on the shot, decreasing safety risks and limiting dust. When in use as a Stemming Truck, the vehicle can fill 30 holes to unrivalled accuracy in just 15 minutes, making it the method of choice for leading mining companies like BHP and Rio Tinto.

In addition to these features, the newly commissioned multi-purpose Stemming-Water Truck is fitted with a 2000L portable water tank, and a 6000L raw water tank. The water is distributed via a “Pump-out” access connection as well as two rear-mounted water sprays for watering down blast patterns and roads, helping suppress dust. Additionally, a water cannon and high-pressure water pump can be fitted to aid wash down of equipment. This supports uptime and the health of all team members on the shot by reducing inhalation of dangerous particle matter arising from mining operations.

AUSROAD has been building and supplying “Dual-Purpose” trucks for many years, with its entire hire fleet of 27 trucks having Rear Sprayers and “Pump-out” capability to support drilling operations, as well as other plant. Many clients have benefitted from having these innovations built into their Ausroad Stemming trucks. The new unit for Ausdrill has extended these capabilities to help ensure the new asset is working productively 24/7.

This commission is a testament to AUSROAD’s ability to adapt, design and deliver vehicles for clients’ specific site requirements, ensuring customisation at every level for maximum accuracy, efficiency and safety. This helps simplify operations, with extensive handover to develop in-house skills and reduce expenses.

The company’s comprehensive support and dedicated regional maintenance centres ensure trucks are maintained to the highest standard and are back on the shot after servicing as soon as possible for reliable and consistent results. Available for contract or hire, these vehicles come with 24/7 mechanical and administrative support from AUSROAD’S knowledgeable team. Get in touch with us today to discuss how a multi-purpose vehicle like this can be commissioned for your site.

For more information about AUSROAD’S range of vehicles speak to our friendly team.

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Ausroad Stemming Trucks Unrivalled – Safer, more efficient and fewer misfires

Ausroad Stemming Trucks are the fleet of choice for companies from BHP to Rio Tinto. Our innovative trucks surpass expectation every time, making Ausroad the go-to provider for mining companies across Australia.


Ausroad Stemming Trucks are unrivalled in their field. Unrivalled in efficiency, accuracy and safety. Unrivalled in ease of use and reduced labour.


With bucket and bobcat stemming systems becoming increasingly labour intensive, unsafe and inefficient, Ausroad Stemming Trucks are the way forward for medium to large scale mines.


When long term contract client of Ausroad, BHP switch to Ausroad Stemming Trucks, the crew saw an increase of 100% uptime, improving from 150 hours per month to 300.


Fill a shot of 50 holes in 15 minutes with the 21-tonne capacity of Ausroad Stemming trucks. The trucks’ 760mm side travel allows easy alignment to feed the shoot, surpassing the accuracy of inferior and laborious systems.  This accuracy, in turn, reduces stemming handling, increasing uptime and efficiency.


The unrivalled capacity of Ausroad Stemming Trucks means less movement across the shot, decreasing the potential for stretch-snap-fire instances and other costly, dangerous Occupational Health and Safety issues. Reduced movement across the drill pattern lessens dust exposure to ground staff., whilst the air-conditioned comfort of the Stemming Truck cabin affords minimal heat exposure to operators.


All Ausroad Stemming Trucks are fitted with a hopper hatch, that ensures large rocks will not sever wires, resulting in a costly and dangerous misfire. The hopper hatch also prevents expensive stemming wastage while eliminating contamination to ensure the highest quality filling. The automation of stemming filtering reduces labour costs and increases safety, allowing for more efficient filling of holes and extremely consistent blast results.


Ausroad’s trucks also feature a positively driven conveyor belt that works with a 760mm side travel to easily align stemming with the blast hole, reducing loading time. Higher mechanical flexibility means Ausroad Stemming Trucks can navigate diverse drill patterns while operating with the same proficiency and accuracy.


Rio Tinto’s recent analysis of Stemming Truck cost-effectiveness revealed that the vehicles added extreme value to the mine site. Their data suggested that the use of stemming trucks on a site decreased instances of misfires substantially. Rio Tinto concluded that “…two potential misfires equalled the cost of one truck”. Rio Tinto’s findings are compounded by Ausroad’s increased demand from domestic and international coal and iron mines, after completing the 9th Ausroad Stemming Truck for Cobra in South Africa and recently commissioning its 10th.

Ausroad’s fleet is manufactured in Australia and fitted with innovative mechanical and technological developments. With technological program Blast Logic, engineers can sync data on their tablets to the systems in Ausroad Stemming trucks, to ensure clear, real-time communication of vital information and changes to stemming quantities or routes. Ausroad understands that the accurate delivery of stemming volumes is extremely important and ensures a record of weights as delivered per hole, every time.


A background in manufacturing makes Ausroad uniquely equipped to produce reliable, high quality, durable Stemming fleets. This Australian company has been hiring and contracting its Stemming Trucks for over five years to companies like Rio Tinto and BHP. Ausroad parts are durable – able to handle stemming beyond typical 30mm crushed aggregate and perform in hot, dusty conditions. Ausroad operates most Stemming Trucks on a Volvo fleet – allowing the mechanical team to understand the idiosyncrasies of each truck to provide continual, reliable results.


Ausroad simplifies your operations by customising Stemming trucks to meet your site requirements, with comprehensive handover and commissioning to develop skills in-house and reduce costs. Our dedicated administrative and on-ground team offer invaluable, 24/7 support to ensure a seamless process for our clients, whether your purchase or hire.


For more information about Ausroad’s Stemming Trucks, speak to our friendly team.

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Stemming Truck Success

Ausroad Stemming Trucks are designed to achieve consistent stemming results alongside effective planning and skilled operators. Find out how to get the most out of your Ausroad Stemming Truck here…


As an industry leader in Stemming Trucks across domestic and international markets, Ausroad understands the importance of thorough planning, effective communication and quality maintenance in drill and blast operations.


Clear communication in the pre-start meeting not only ensures a comprehensive traffic management plan, but helps form a cohesive team environment in which everyone is aware of their role. As an experienced provider in Drill and Blast operations, Ausroad knows that detailed coverage of crew location, what they are loading, and the roles of each team member is imperative for efficient stemming every time.


Ausroad staff are able to work around Open Cut Examiner reports that give a detailed report on the mining conditions for the day, from the weather and its impact on the ground. With highly flexible systems our fleet is able to work around various drill patterns to ensure uniform accuracy no matter the layout or environment.


Ausroad Stemming Trucks have the ability to work cohesively alongside traffic management plans, reports and daily updates by using adaptable, innovative systems matched with high quality machinery capable of getting the job done, with higher productivity and lower costs per hole.


The Ausroad manufacturing and administrative team is well established and operates in Australia with a dedicated crew of highly experienced and professional staff. We pride ourselves on offering customisable Stemming Trucks, able to be fitted to a variety of chassis and suited to individual needs.


Our workshop crew are fully trained to maintain our Stemming Trucks and are able to communicate individual needs between contractors and Ausroad. The Ausroad fleet is innovative in its design, with fewer moving parts leaving less room for error.


Commissioned to the highest quality standard, we ensure your investment delivers cost-effectiveness and immediate value. Ausroad Stemming Trucks play a vital role in managing an effective process and it is our priority to ensure no matter the conditions, demands or load, our fleet can meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.


Whether you hire or buy, Ausroad’s experienced and professional team provides end to end assistance, via field support and training. We also offer a variety of reporting options that can detail hours, material and measurements broadly or specifically, depending on your needs. Our highly skilled operators, technicians and supervisors provide best practice advice as part of our commitment to Quality Assurance for our valued clients.


Planning and maintenance are vital to the efficient running of drill and blast operations. Ausroad’s experienced team understands this and ensures our hire/purchase machinery is of the highest standard, to assist our clients in achieving the best results possible. Ausroad Stemming Trucks leverage your pre-existing plans to create even greater efficiency with professionalism and safety.


When you invest in Ausroad Stemming Trucks, you are investing in assurance that you have hired the best solution for your mining needs, supported by unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and safety.


To learn more about how Ausroad Stemming Trucks can support you in getting the most out of your mining operations call us on (07)3216 7058 or email or go online to


Australia’s Number One Stemming Truck Hire fleet

With 29 years of materials handling experience, Ausroad is the industry leader in hiring and contracting Stemming Trucks, Contour Loaders and Services trucks. With valued customers across Australia and the world, Ausroad is experienced in providing end to end solutions for the mining sector.


With support, training, operators and maintenance provided to clients, Ausroad ensures its customers are comprehensively equipped with all they need for a safe, efficient and productive hiring experience. Currently, the Ausroad hire fleet is situated Australia wide from Queensland to Western Australian mine sites.


After years of cultivating strong relationships with our valued contractors and hire customers, Ausroad guarantees your hiring experience will be productive and trouble free. We provide everything necessary to achieve the most out of your hire.


A hallmark of the Ausroad fleet, is that we provide our clients with extensive training for all dry hires. Full training and backup support are essential to ensure thorough communication and competent vehicle operation. Ausroad’s inclusive training ensures your operators and team can get the most out of their hire, achieving optimal productivity, accuracy and safety.


Complementary to our contract and hire service, Ausroad offers a dedicated National Maintenance Manager who oversees and assists the operations of our valued customers. Our expert technical support is available around the clock – when you need us, we’re available. Similarly, our fitters and maintenance personnel are on call and ready to help connect the right support and parts to you.


We have a workshop for local fleet repairs and maintenance in Moranbah, Queensland, with knowledgeable, dedicated mechanics who ensure your vehicle is fixed as soon as possible and runs to the highest quality every time. We also have a Perth-based Trainer and Assessor.


The majority of our fleet comes standard with 20 000kg SWL hopper capacities, side and rear slewing conveyors, full calibration and dust suppression.


We offer dry hire to full DTH Stemming Contracts and can modify our fleet to suit your individual requirements. Dry and wet hire rates are available. We have a fleet of 24 Stemming and 6 Water Trucks available for hire and deliver units to any part of Australia.


Ausroad is in the process of expanding its Water Truck fleet and is constantly innovating to bring new features and capabilities that optimise productivity, accuracy and safety.


Talk to us about options for hire and contract to suit your needs. To speak to our friendly team, please phone: +61 7 3216 7058 or email OR

Ausroad Stemming Trucks – Proven: less misfires and greater effectiveness

Ausroad Stemming Trucks are the first choice for Australia’s largest mining companies. From BHP to Rio Tinto, our fleet surpasses expectation.


From efficiency, accuracy and safety benefits to overall ease of use and less labour, Ausroad Stemming Trucks are unrivalled in their field.


With a background in manufacturing, Ausroad has been producing reliable, high quality, durable Stemming fleets for companies such as Rio Tinto and BHP for approximately eight years. With options to buy or hire, a Stemming Truck is undoubtedly the way forward for medium to large scale open cut mines, as bucket and bobcat stemming systems become increasingly labour intensive, unsafe and inefficient.


With Ausroad Stemming trucks, 50 holes can be filled in 15 minutes, enabled not only by its large capacity, but by its 760mm side travel which allows easy alignment of feed shoot, with greater accuracy than inferior and laborious systems. Further, the reduced handling of stemming increases up-time and efficiency rates. When long-time contractor of Ausroad, BHP switched to Ausroad Stemming Trucks, we saw an increase of 100% up time, improving from 150 hours per month to 300.


The 21-tonne capacity of Ausroad Stemming Trucks allows for less movement across the shot, decreasing the risk of stretch-snap-fire instances and other safety issues. Reduced movement across the drill pattern lessens dust exposure, whilst the air-conditioned comfort of the Stemming Truck cabin provides comfort and minimal heat exposure to operating and ground staff.


The Hopper design ensures only size-appropriate stemming is dropped into the hole, operators can rest assured that large rocks will not sever wires, resulting in a costly misfire.


Ausroad’s trucks also feature a positively driven conveyor belt and a 760mm side travel to easily align the feed shoot with blast hole, reducing time to load shots. Higher mechanical flexibility means Stemming Trucks can navigate diverse drill patterns whilst operating with the same proficiency and accuracy. Ausroad parts are durable – able to handle stemming beyond typical 30mm crushed aggregate and perform in hot, dusty conditions.


Rio Tinto conducted a cost-effectiveness strategy to analyse the viability of operating Stemming Trucks on their mines. Their data suggested that the use of stemming trucks on sites significantly decreased instances of misfires, and “…two potential misfires equalled the cost of one truck”. This is one of the many reasons why Ausroad is the choice for mining companies who want reliable, cost-effective results safely and professionally. Rio Tinto’s findings are reflected by Ausroad’s increased demand from domestic and international coal and iron mines, with a 9th truck for Cobra Projects in South Africa.


Able to customise trucks to individual requirements, Ausroad simplifies your operations with comprehensive handover and commissioning to develop skills in-house and reduce costs. We manufacture in Australia, with the highest quality systems and parts and a highly skilled team in a full-service workshop. Our dedicated administrative and on-ground team offer around the clock support to ensure a seamless process for our clients, whether your purchase or hire.


Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your next mining solution HERE.

Ausroad Contour Loaders – A serious toy for serious work

Ausroad Stemming Contour Loaders are the number one choice for Australia’s biggest mining companies. Designed to operate on contours and uneven terrains that large Stemming Trucks cannot, Contour Loaders are a must-have accompaniment to any drill and blast fleet where contour loading is required.


Ausroad knows that productivity is paramount for your operations, and the safety of your staff is even higher. Through innovative design, contour loaders offer a remote control option, meaning no matter the terrain, your staff will remain safe whilst getting the job done accurately and efficiently.


The tracked base of Ausroad Contour Loaders improves stability, whilst the vehicle’s low centre of gravity means it can work on a far higher angle, of up to 20 degrees, compared to the typical 11. The staged inclinometer alerts staff when the loader reaches maximum incline, preventing accidents and ensuring safety for operators and ground staff.


Inferior methods of loading stemming, such as bucket and shovel have proven laborious, inefficient and unsafe. Further, the risk of Stemming Truck roll overs is heightened when the vehicle exceeds an incline of 11degrees, compromising the efficiency of operations and safety of all staff. As such, reviews into the top risks on mining sites found that loading stemming into holes on steep ground was amongst the top 4 riskiest tasks.


To remedy this, Ausroad worked with Rio Tinto to develop the prototype for what would become the Ausroad Stemming Contour Loader. Our extensive work with Rio Tinto has resulted in the development of five contour loaders for the company, with a sixth prepared for delivery and ready for use in coming weeks [insert picture]. Demand for Ausroad Contour Loaders has increased steadily over the years, with the vehicles’ mine specification safety compliance a substantial selling point.


Ausroad Contour Loaders are built in Australia and manufactured to our stringent quality standards and have been contracted to some of Australia and the world’s biggest mines. For companies like Rio Tinto and FMG, Ausroad Contour Loaders are a necessity.


Get in touch HERE to discuss the value of Contour Loaders on the mining site

Is a Stemming Truck The Most Efficient Way to Fill Blast Holes?

A stemming truck is used to backfill blast holes on mine sites and is a procedure that focuses the blast downwards and contains and minimizes the effect of the blast above ground. Without at least one stemming truck on-site, backfilling blast holes must be performed by manual labour and is a very time consuming, back-breaking and unsafe operation.

In today’s financial climate, mining operations need to do everything they can to increase efficiency and cut down on costs and these specialised trucks dramatically increase the speed and safety of filling blast holes on-site. Specifically, a stemming truck will result in the following eight significant benefits to the drilling and blasting cycle:

1.The speed and efficiency of stemming is significantly increased on-site.
2.Increased safety due to less movement on the drill platform.
3.Automated controls in the driver’s cab keeps employees safely away from the stemming process.
4.Reduced dust and exposure to the sun for employees during stemming.
5.Eliminates double handling of stemming materials.
6.Reduced wastage of stemming materials and minimal contamination during the procedure.
7.Accurate delivery of stemming material to each blast hole.
8.Accurate record of stemming material used during filling.

All of these benefits result in a safer working environment for employees and fewer problems with Workplace Health and Safety on-site, as well as more consistent and faster filling of blast holes. As you can imagine, in both the short and the long term, a stemming truck can significantly increase the productivity of a mining operation, resulting in faster ore extraction.

At Ausroad, we design and manufacture our trucks to work consistently and reliably in the harsh Australian outback, so our trucks are tough, low maintenance and highly efficient. In fact, our trucks have revolutionised the stemming process within open cut mining operations, resulting in considerable cost savings to companies and increased safety on-site for employees.

Our stemming trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia and can deliver 26 tonnes of stemming within 15 minutes. For more information on our heavy duty trucks, call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 and chat to us about hiring or purchasing our trucks.

Locating Tough and Reliable Mining Equipment in Australia

Locating the best mining equipment in Australia is vital to the ongoing success of your business. No-one wants to invest their capital in equipment that constantly breaks down, which frequently happens when equipment is not designed for the harsh conditions prevalent in the Australian outback.

At Ausroad, we are known throughout the world for designing and manufacturing the very best and the toughest mining equipment in Australia. We ship our trucks all around the world, because if they can withstand the outback, they can take anything else that is thrown at them.

Why are Ausroad mining trucks the best?

We have been designing mining trucks since 1990 and during this time we have learnt what makes a truck tough, safe and low maintenance. We are not re-sellers, we actually design all of our trucks from the ground up and we know that we design the best mining equipment in Australia.

We continually research better ways to design and manufacture our trucks, so that we are always on the cutting edge of technology, giving our customers the very latest and the best designed mining equipment in Australia. We don’t sit in a room bending over a computer, instead we are out in the trenches talking to mining personnel, finding out what they want in their trucks and how we can design better trucks for the worker in the mines.

Since speed is not our only priority, we have also designed our trucks to be safer as well. With the entire stemming process automated from the cab, the operator can remain in a safe environment, whilst filling holes with precision and accuracy.

At Ausroad, we are the leading designers of mining equipment in Australia and the innovative design of our stemming trucks means that they have the largest capacity in the world. This means that stemming is completed much faster with our trucks, saving you both time and money that can be better utilised in other areas of your business.

If you are in the market for top of the range and reliable mining equipment in Australia, that is designed to be tough, low maintenance and safe, then you cannot do better than calling us at Ausroad on +61 7 3216 7058 and don’t forget to ask us for a free quote.

5 Reasons Why Australian Mining Companies use Ausroad Trucks

Without a doubt, when Australian mining companies need tough trucks for their open pit mines, the first place they call is Ausroad. Their trucks are extremely popular, because they are built to withstand the harsh outback climate, are solidly built, require little maintenance, hardly ever break down and can be completely customised to your needs.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes Ausroad such a globally recognised company and why they are so popular with Australian mining companies.

1. Reputation: Ausroad have an enviable reputation of designing and manufacturing some of the best trucks in the world. Australian mining companies need trucks that can stand up to just about the worst conditions on the planet and they know that Ausroad’s trucks always deliver the goods.

2. Custom trucks: Most Australian mining companies need their trucks customised to suit their specific requirements. Ausroad can give you exactly what you want, because they design and manufacture their trucks and they are not resellers like so many other companies. When you want a tough, custom truck there is no other choice but to call Ausroad.

3.  Excellent customer service: Ausroad’s customer service is unparalleled. They go out of their way to give you exactly what you need, to answer all of your questions and are always there on the end of the line when you need help or advice.

4. Full training and support: Ausroad’s commitment to their customers doesn’t stop with their superb customer service. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, Ausroad have fitters and maintenance personnel on call ready and waiting to fix your problems. You also have full training and backup support, expert technical help is always available and they even deliver the trucks to your site. Now you can see why Australian mining companies keep Ausroad on speed dial.

5. Purchase or hire: You can either purchase or hire their trucks, so whatever your budget or length of contract you can always benefit from Ausroad’s top of the line fleet of modern trucks.

Australian mining companies make a bee line for Ausroad, so if you need tough, solidly built trucks with full automation, a high level of safety and all the bells and whistles, then your only option is to call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 and start moving your business forward.

Where Can You Find the Best Custom Mining Trucks in Australia?

If you are in the market for custom mining trucks, then it is important to select a company with a solid reputation.  It is also best to deal directly with a company that actually designs and manufactures the trucks, rather than going through a reseller.

Ausroad have a global reputation for designing and manufacturing a range of trucks that are tough, low maintenance and efficient. All of their trucks can be tailored to their customer’s specific needs and their trucks are purpose built to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the Australian outback. This means that these custom mining trucks are really tough, top of the line and built with the latest technology.

Ausroad manufacture three different types of custom mining trucks: Stemming trucks, Stemming contour loaders and Water trucks.

-Stemming trucks: With the largest payload in Australia, these custom mining trucks have revolutionalised the stemming process around the world. These trucks deliver 26 tonne loads of stemming material in 15 minutes, saving you both time and money on site. Ausroad don’t stint with their designs and with safety as a major factor in open cut mines, they have created a truck that can be fully automated from the cab. This means that the driver no longer has to be outside and in a potentially hazardous situation, as all stemming can be controlled automatically from the driver’s cab.

-Stemming contour loaders: These purpose built, radio controlled (they are ride-on as well), track-based custom mining loaders are designed specifically to make stemming on uneven surfaces a breeze. These loaders can go where the larger stemming trucks can’t go and make stemming on hilly or contoured surfaces both safe and easy. The rubber tracks grip the ground well and with the staged inclinometers that warm of excessive operating angles, stemming is achieved in double quick time.

-Water trucks: Everyone needs a solid water truck, as these are the work horses of open pit mines. Ausroad’s water trucks are renowned for being low maintenance and very reliable with minimal downtime.

You can’t go wrong with Ausroad’s custom mining trucks, so call them on 07 3216 7058 and find out how their range of trucks can make your work day safer and faster.

5 Key Features of Ausroad’s Stemming Mining Trucks

Ausroad are one of the leading designers and manufacturers of stemming mining trucks in Australia. Their reputation for high quality, low maintenance and extremely safe equipment is flawless. Their trucks are designed to work in the hard tough conditions of Australia’s outback and have become very popular throughout the world where tough trucks are needed in harsh environments.

So let’s take a look at 5 key features of Ausroad’s stemming mining trucks and why that have become the backbone of mining companies across the world.


1. Minimal downtime: Ausroad design all of their trucks and equipment to be low maintenance, requiring the least amount of downtime possible. Their stemming mining trucks are designed to be high quality and tough, able to withstand high temperatures and dusty conditions, prevalent in the Australian outback.

2. Faster and safer stemming: Ausroad’s stemming mining trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia and along with a priority on automation, results in faster and safer stemming. One truck can easily deliver 26 tonnes of stemming within 15 minutes and the process is fully controlled from the driver’s seat, increasing safety by reducing the time that the drivers are moving around the vehicle.
3. Fewer vehicle movements on site: With a faster payload and proportional hydraulic controls, the placement of stemming material is more accurate, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of unexpected vehicle movements on site. This results in reduced wear and tear on the stemming mining trucks and safety is increased on-site as well.

4. Less dust and heat exposure: The high level of automation means that the drivers can remain comfortably in the cab, controlling the stemming operations without leaving the cab. This results in less exposure to the harsh environment, which is characteristic of most open cut mines, and minimizes any health problems associated with prolonged exposure to heat and dust.

5. No double handling of stemming: Once the stemming material is loaded on to the stemming mining truck, the driver no longer needs to double handle this material as the entire operation is now automated from the driver’s cab. This saves both time and money on-site, reducing the stemming time and increasing operational efficiency.

If you are in the market to hire or purchase tough stemming mining trucks, then you can’t go wrong with calling Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 for a free quote.

What Specifications Should I look for in a new Stemming Truck?

Ausroad are the leading manufacturers of mining equipment in Australia and we have a large range of mining equipment for hire. We build our trucks tough, so they are low maintenance and can withstand the harsh Australian outback.

Our most popular hires have to be our top of the line stemming trucks, so let’s take a look at the specifications we offer and why the Ausroad stemming trucks are the best in Australia.

Mining equipment hire – the Ausroad stemming truck

When you are in the market for mining equipment in Australia, you want the best trucks you can find at the best prices. We not only have the best stemming trucks, but we also have the best stemming contour loaders as well and we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

Mining equipment hire has never been so easy, because we also have fitters and maintenance personnel on call and give you full training and backup support for dry hires (we have wet hires as well). Our fleet of stemming trucks includes 11 to 16 cubic meter hoppers with side or rear conveyors, full calibration and dust suppression.

Stemming trucks: When you hire our stemming trucks you have an IFM Canbus control system, giving you complete in cab control of all functions (belt feed, side shift, dust suppression, delivery volume and rear conveyor). You have a left or right side conveyor, a variable displacement hydraulic pump, (complaint with MD G41), a hydraulic oil cooler, a 1000 to 3400 litre water tank and a 29 litre/min dust suppression system.

Your stemming truck also comes with LED tail lights (high and low mounted), floodlights for night time operation, LED beacons, emergency stop buttons, wheel chocks, fire extinguishers, a hydraulic hopper hatch and a CAT jump start connection. These stemming trucks are the toughest mining equipment in Australia.

Stemming contour loaders: Our contour loaders are a track based unit that is remote controlled, but also has ride on options. It has a 1.5 tonne capacity, meets all mine specifications, is simple and easy to operate and is perfect for stemming on hilly or contoured surfaces.

So if you are in the market for mining equipment hire, call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 and we will have you up and running in no time at all.

Should I Buy or Hire Mining Equipment in Australia?

If you’re in the market for mining equipment in Australia, you need to decide whether to hire or buy the equipment for your mining plant. This is a big decision and making the wrong decision at this point can have ongoing repercussions. So let’s look at the pros and cons of buying mining equipment versus hiring the same equipment.

Pros and cons of buying mining plant equipment

The decision to buy your mining equipment is really going to be based on the state of the resources market at the moment and whether you want to sink your hard earned capital into equipment.

CONS: When you buy mining equipment, you are tying up capital that could be put to better use expanding your business or taking advantage of other opportunities that come your way. This is because this type of equipment requires a large monetary investment and you have to register, insure, repair and maintain these massive vehicles.

PROS: The advantage of purchasing your mining equipment in Australia is that you can have it customised to your specific needs. You can also buy the equipment whenever your business demands increase, because you don’t have to wait in line for to hire equipment that is limited in number.

Pros and cons of hiring mining plant equipment

With the resources market at a low point, you might be better off financially in hiring your equipment, so let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring versus buying.
CONS: When you hire equipment, you can’t always find what you need at the right time, which means that your contracts run late and you lose money. Sometimes, particularly in busy periods, the right equipment simply isn’t available for hire, so your profits take a beating and you have to lay people off.

PROS: When you hire your mining plant equipment, you can forecast your budget much easier because you simply add the monthly hire costs to your budget. You also save your capital, so if another opportunity comes along you can hop on board and expand your business, taking advantage of other revenue streams.

Regardless of whether you decide to hire or buy, always be sure to contact a company with a reputation for designing and manufacturing robust and reliable mining equipment in Australia.

Top 3 Road Maintenance Machines in the World

Without a doubt, Australian road maintenance covers some of the most rugged country in the world, so we need trucks that are tough and can stand the rigors of the outback.

This is where Ausroad comes to the fore, because their road maintenance equipment is designed and built for the harsh Australian outback, so it can stand up to just about anything. It doesn’t matter where you work or in which country, it is a safe bet that the Ausroad trucks can rise to the occasion and do the job, time and time again.

So if you are in the market for some new road maintenance machines, here are 3 Ausroad designs that are considered to be the best in the world.

Jetmaster trucks
All of the Ausroad Jetmaster trucks can be customised to suit your specific requirements. They are designed for road maintenance in Australia, for example repairing broken edges and sealed road surface damage, as well as filling pot holes, depressions, wheel path ruts, crack sealing and digouts.

These trucks do not require dismantling at the end of the day, they don’t need oiling, they can be cleaned by sending water through them while running and come with a three year warranty.

HD trucks
These road maintenance machines deliver hot mix asphalt, cold mix premix asphalts, aggregate, crushed base and quarry products and can be customised to suit your needs. Use them for filling pot holes, for patch compaction or general maintenance repairs. They are low maintenance with a high quality construction and are built to last.

Emulsion units
You can customise a HD truck to have an optional emulsion unit or opt for a stand-alone emulsion unit. All emulsion systems are built to Australian Standards, fitted with double pads and stress relieved to Class 2B for transportable vehicles.

The self-contained emulsion units are custom built to your specifications and come with various outlets, for example a spray wand, a crack filling device and a spray bar. They are suitable to be skid or trailer mounted and are easy to operate and low maintenance.

So if you are looking for the best designed and the toughest road maintenance machines in the world – call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 today.

Who are the Top Mining Maintenance Contractors in Australia?

When you are looking for mining maintenance contractors in Australia, you can’t go wrong with Ausroad. These guys design and manufacture a range of trucks and loaders which are top quality, efficient and tough. Their trucks are designed specifically for the rough conditions involved in road maintenance in Australia, as well as on open cut mines.

So let’s take a look at some of their trucks and why they are so popular in Australia and around the world.

  • Stemming trucks: Ausroad’s stemming trucks have revolutionised the process of stemming, making it safer, more efficient and saving their clients lots of money. Their stemming trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia, really fast hole filling and can deliver 26 tonnes in 15 minutes flat. Ausroad are without a doubt the best mining maintenance contractors in Australia.
  • Stemming contour loaders: When you want a fast, zippy stemming truck you need to call Ausroad because their contour loaders are unique and the first of their kind in the world. You don’t need to worry about hilly, contoured surfaces anymore, because the rubber tracks and the perfect design of these units gives you maximum stability and all-terrain agility. It can even be radio-operated, keeping your drivers at a safe distance – serious toys for serious guys.
  • Water trucks: Ausroad’s water trucks are reliable and robust and are used for road maintenance in Australia, as well as in open cut mines. With these superior designed trucks, your downtime due to maintenance or mechanical failure is massively reduced, because they are designed for the tough, hot outback conditions in Australia.

All of these trucks come with full mine specifications as standard and all of them can be customised to your needs. Ausroad has a fleet of stemming trucks and water trucks available for hire and can deliver them anywhere in Australia and even provide you with full training and backup support as well. You always have expert technical support available at all times, and dry and wet hire rates are also available.

So if you are searching for mining maintenance contractors in Australia, it will pay you to call Ausroad on 07 3216 7058 for a chat about your requirements.

3 Reasons to Hire Water Trucks, HD Trucks and Stemming Trucks

When you are in the market for stemming trucks, water trucks or HD trucks you are always faced with the decision whether to buy them or hire them. So let’s look at the reasons why hiring these trucks is a good financial decision in the current market.

Hiring trucks doesn’t tie up your capital

Trucks cost a lot of money and in today’s financial climate with the resources market fluctuating up and down, it doesn’t make sense to sink a large amount of your capital in hard assets. Even worse, is if you take a loan out to pay for a stemming truck, then you have interest payments as well.

On the other hand, if you keep your capital on hand, you can take advantage of business opportunities as they come along and help to grow and expand your business.

Hiring trucks allows you to forecast your budget

When you hire water trucks for example, you always know the dollar amount of your hire charges every month and you can easily forecast your budget well into the future. However, if you take out a loan for the trucks, then you have to consider changes in interest rates over time, which can make forecasting your budget more difficult.

So if you use your capital to pay for the trucks, then you have used a massive chunk of your money, which reduces your capacity to move with the resources market and puts a negative spin on your budget.

Hiring trucks saves you money

When you hire HD trucks instead of buying them, you save a lot of money on interest rates over the life of the hire. You also save on registrations, insurances and maintenance. Don’t forget if you buy them, you have to fix them, but if you hire them – you get a new truck!

You also save money because you have the very best trucks available, which means that they are reliable, well maintained and efficient. With top quality trucks on site, you can work faster, on-site safety is increased, output is maximized and downtimes practically eliminated.

So if you want high quality, Australian made HD trucks, stemming trucks or water trucks, give Ausroad a call on 07 3216 7058.

Ausroad Makes Tough, Purpose Built Road Maintenance and Mining Plant Equipment

Ausroad is one of the leading manufacturers of mining and road maintenance equipment in Australia. Their purpose-built stemming trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia and they are well known for maximising the efficiency and safety of stemming operations on-site.

Not only that, but if you are looking for an emulsion sprayer for sale, then you can’t go wrong with the Ausroad emulsion units, which are custom-built to your specifications.

Ausroad stemming trucks make short work of filling blast holes

When you are looking to buy or hire mining equipment, then Ausroad have everything you need. Their stemming trucks are designed specifically to maximise efficiency and safety on-site, in fact their designs have revolutionalised the stemming process. Just imagine delivering 26 tonnes of stemming in 15 minutes, with the entire process controlled from the cab.

Don’t forget that with the hydraulic controls the placement of the stemming material is spot on every time. This means that wastage is reduced, precision increased and the whole process is streamlined. They even have a brand new radio-controlled stemming truck that is built for uneven terrain with a 1.5 tonne capacity – how good is that!

Ausroad emulsion units are just about bullet proof

On the other hand, if you are in the market for road maintenance equipment and are searching for an emulsion sprayer for sale, then forget searching online and go straight to Ausroad. Their emulsion units are custom designed, low maintenance and easy to operate.

With up to a 2000 litre capacity, a 3 cylinder cast iron air compressor, a spray bar and wand, as well as a crack filling device, the Ausroad emulsion units make short work of road maintenance. They can be either skid or trailer mounted and they even have a mini spray pack with a 2 metre hand wand, which can be connected to a 1000 litre plastic pod if needed.

Concluding thoughts

Ausroad also make water trucks, jetmaster trucks and HD trucks and you can hire or purchase any of their equipment – if you decide to hire, their fitters and maintenance people are on call to help out anytime. So whether you want mining equipment or you are looking for an emulsion sprayer for sale, check out Ausroad, the leading manufacturer of tough stuff in Australia.

Can I Hire Tools for Stemming Blast Holes?

Ausroad has two stemming trucks available for hire – one is the normal truck you are most probably used to seeing and the other is a new design, which is an Australian innovation and isn’t found anywhere else in the world. Let’s take a look at both of these stemming trucks:

The normal type of stemming truck

When you need to hire mining equipment in Australia, the leaders in the field are Ausroad, whose stemming trucks have the largest payload capacity in Australia. Their in-house design means that you can deliver 26 tonnes of stemming in an easy 15 minutes with the entire process controlled from the driver’s cab. This makes stemming blast holes a quick and efficient operation.

Another contribution to the time saving factor are the truck hydraulics, which make the stemming process much more precise, resulting in time saved and less wastage. All of this massively increases the efficiency in stemming blast holes, as well as the safety factor on site.

The new stemming contour loaders

The first in the world, this is a radio-controlled vehicle that makes stemming blast holes across uneven or hilly terrain an absolute breeze. The rubber tracks make this loader very agile and the radio controls keep the operator at a safe distance. This means that work is not constantly interrupted, because the truck needs to negotiate difficult terrain – the contour loader just shoots along and does its job in double quick time.

When you want to keep the job on time and supercharge your efficiency and safety, you can’t go past this radio-controlled contour stemming loader. As far as mining equipment in Australia goes, this has to be one of the best loaders you can hire – and one of the most fun to operate!

Of course, you can actually drive and operate the loader yourself, but then you lose all the fun of operating a radio controlled stemming truck! Don’t forget this has a 1.5 tonne capacity and is purpose designed for stemming blast holes on steep terrain, where it is unsafe for regular trucks to operate.

So if you are in the market to hire a stemming truck, give some serious thought to the new stemming contour loader from Ausroad.

More than twice the speed: Ausroad offers a better stemming solution


A large mining and resources company was seeking to improve efficiency and safety by reducing manual handling during their stemming process. Their system involved much room for error. The previously used front-end loaders required multiple trips back and forth to stem holes. With explosives already loaded in holes awaiting stemming, and denotation cords extending from the collar of those holes, the excessive vehicle movements were increasing the risk of dangerous and expensive misfires. They needed a better way to get the job done.


We designed a purpose-built Stemming Truck to specifically meet the carrying capacity of the trucks this client already used. The truck significantly reduced the risk of misfire, as there were far fewer vehicle movements, more accurate control in stemming placement and consequently less chance of running over the detonating cords.


According to statistics provided by this client, they can now successfully stem more than 40 holes with 26 tonnes of stemming within 15 minutes. Overall, this has resulted in 60 per cent less time spent completing each production area. Additionally, with fewer vehicle movements and manual handling, the safety of the process has vastly improved. Following the successful delivery of this client’s first, purpose-built Ausroad Stemming Truck, the client has since ordered an additional four trucks.